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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Message In a Bottle
Powers: Solar Absorption
Voiced By: Richard McGonagle and Phil Morris

Kandorians are Kryptonian by race and were all kidnapped when Brainiac when it shrank and extracted the city of Kandor from Krypton. They referred to Brainiac as "The Terror." Later on in the 20th century, Superman rescued Kandor and kept it in the Fortress of Solitude until he could restore them to normal size. In the meantime, Superman would frequently visit the Kandorians, who held him as their champion. However, Superman never developed the technology and the city was left alone for centuries.

In the 31st century, they were visited by Imperiex and the Legion of Superheroes in a race to find the Messanger. Brainiac 5 later altered the red sun to a yellow one and gifted the Kandorians with powers that Superman has. This forced Imperiex and his forces to retreat. Superman and Brainiac 5 later restored Krypton and Kandor. It is likely that they will join the United Planets in time.