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Legion Headquarters

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Man of Tomorrow, Phantoms, Child's Play, Lightning Storm, Brain Drain, Substitutes, Sundown Part One, Part Two, The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow Part One, Part Two, In the Beginning, and Dark Victory Part Two
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Legion of Superheroes sought to establish their own headquarters away from Brande Industries but no one would risk renting to super heroes. Undaunted, the Legion held Try-Outs at a public park. They rejected Mnemonic Kid and Fortress Lad. Mnemonic Kid planned revenge and started by erasing parts of the Legionnaires' memories. Fortress Lad took matters into his own hand and transformed into a giant fortress to protect the Legion. Mnemonic Kid then shifted her power to Fortress Lad who resisted at the cost of losing all of his memories. In the meantime, the Legion recovered and defeated Mnemonic Kid.

The Legion looked at the fortress and concluded it was a Tevant-27 rocket shell originally and chose it as their headquarters. The Legion's sponsor R.J. Brande used his connections and resources to privatize this part of the park and outfitted the building that became Legion Headquarters. Over the years, it was expanded to hold training rooms complete with realistic simulations, labs, monitoring stations, living quarters, hangars, armories, and most importantly, the Computo database. Over the years, it was invaded by super villains such as Drax, Alexis Luthor, the Scavengers, the Fatal Five, and the Legion of Supervillains.

However, when Imperiex teleported to the 31st century, he hacked into Computo and the Headquarters was laid to waste. It wasn't until months later, when the Imperiex threat was almost over, that the Headquarters was rebuilt with a new design. The founding members recited the oath and christened the new base. After Imperiex and Brainiac were defeated, the Legion of Superheroes inducted Superman X as an official member outside Legion Headquarters.