JT Young

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Real Identity: JT Young
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love Part 3, Journey To Love Part 6, and The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham (Tawny Tawks!)
Powers/Skills: Reporting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

JT Young was deployed by his mother Tawny Young to keep tabs on Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in Bludhaven. He was part of a dining party in Blud Garden where the duo was out on a date incognito. Hush butted in and tried to flirt with Harley but he was rejected. He didn't take it well and threw Harley onto a full table behind them. Harley popped her left shoulder back into place against a column. She helped herself to some patrons' drink and steak. She asked a man if he was going to finish it. He replied he was planning to. Harley conversed with JT who thought she and Ivy were pretty badass. Harley broke two legs off a chair and jumped Hush. Hush blocked her kick and threw her into JT. In Detroit, JT Young observed Vixen and Poison Ivy leaving the former's place and reported in. In the aftermath of the Mephitic incident, he and his sister Reign served as their mother's camera crew as Commissioner Gordon moved in to arrest Harley and Ivy. He apologized to Harley and informed her Tawny Young was his mother. JT Young worked the camera at the live taping of the first episode of Tawny Talks. After Doctor Psycho's outburst, Giganta grabbed him. Tawny Young told JT to raise the camera.