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Real Identity: Unrevealed
Affiliations: Black Cat Lounge and The Boomboom Room
Appearances (Comics):: Journey To Love Part 5, Journey To Love Part 6, Knocked The Fuck Out, and Batharl
Powers/Skills: Above Average Acrobatics
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Peaches is a stripper at the Black Cat Lounge. One night, Harley Quinn visited the Black Cat. She thought Peaches was the Simone Biles of stripping gymnastics and sat near the stage. She crawled from the stage over to Harley Quinn's table and entertained her. Harley got cash out of her purse and made it rain. She wished Ivy was with her and hated fighting. She looked a photo of them on her phone while hoping Ivy would reciprocate and respect her boundaries, too. She asked the stripper what to call her. She chose "Peaches" and thanked her for asking. Harley was surprised Peaches knew who she was. Peaches stated everyone knew her and Ivy. She asked if Ivy would be joining them. Harley decided to call it a night and head back home. Peaches witnessed Harley fighting Cash the bouncer, his crew, and Mephitic. Thirty minutes later, Ivy arrived and wondered what happened. Peaches told Ivy Harley was kidnapped by Mephitic. Ivy went catatonic and realized her worst fear was hurting all the people that mean so much to her and declared she was truly her father.

Peaches waved her hand in Ivy's face but got no response. Peaches gave up and was about to walk away but Ivy came to. She asked Ivy where she disappeared to. Ivy called it a trip down memory lane and asked her where Harley was. Peaches played a video Mephitic posted. It was an ultimatum. He gave Ivy less than two hours to find him and tell the world the was the best poisonous villain there is after he beat her in a fight then he would let Harley go. Ivy asked Peaches where Mephitic's lair was. She had no clue but guessed Ivy just had to follow the smell. Peaches walked outside, saw Ivy, and offered her a ride. Peaches drove while weeds talked to Ivy in Peach's car and reported they found Vixen. Peaches mused she wasn't high enough. She asked Peaches to drop her off at Love Street and Laurel Drive. Ivy tried to give her money as thanks but Peaches declined and told her to just come and see her at Black Cat after she rescued Harley. Peaches also mentioned she performed for private parties, too.

After her sister Miia went missing for a month, Peaches tried to pick up extra shifts at the Black Cat to make enough money to hire a private investigator and to pay for expenses incurred for taking care of her nephew. She got a call from her new boss, Black Mask, to come and work at The Boomboom Room in Gotham City for the weekend. She was dressed up as a fairy. While working, she ran into Harley and Ivy and told them about her problems. Ivy offered to contact Vixen for help but Black Mask interrupted and sent Peaches off to make money for him. Some time later, as Ivy left with Harley and Knockout, Peaches slipped a picture of her and Miia and a note that asked her to please help. Days later, Peaches spied the Bat-Family escorting a police van containing Black Mask, Lady Marabunta, and some of the False Face Society to Blackgate Penitentiary. She called up Poison Ivy and told her what was going on. She was afraid if Mask was imprisoned, they would never find Miia.