Herman Psycho

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Real Identity: Herman Psycho
Appearances (Episodes): So You Need A Crew and You're A Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon
Appearances (Comics): The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham (Tawny Tawks! and Wild Ride)
Powers/Skills: Podcasting, Size Manipulation (Comics only), and Nightmare Manipulation (Comics only)
Voiced By: Mark Whitten

(Comic Canon only) Herman Psycho was dropped off at Doctor Psycho's new house for a weekend visit. He refused to go to his school's prom because he thought it was stupid and an outdated, expensive tradition that upholds gender stereotypes. Doctor Psycho argued it was a rite of passage. Herman Psycho stormed off and isolated himself in his bedroom to post movie reviews to his blog. Suddenly, a portal appeared outside Noonan's and sucked up Doctor Psycho, Joker, and King Shark. They were trapped in nightmares based on horror movies. Eventually, Psycho realized what was going on and his son appeared. Herman Psycho found it lame and admitted he never told his dad about his powers because they were stupid. Doctor Psycho thought they were awesome and called him ungrateful. Even Joker suggested he cut him some slack. Psycho put his hand on his son's arm and focused. Only the two of them appeared in a prom nightmare.

Herman Psycho just wanted to leave but Doctor Psycho could relate to being ridiculed but it made him the man he was now. Herman Psycho refused to internalize their bullying and become a supervillain like him. Doctor Psycho finished and told him it was better to stand out than fit in. To Herman Psycho's surprise, he was announced to be to prom king. After Psycho saved his son from a humiliating prom prank based on "Carrie," they ended up back in their house. Herman Psycho apologized but Doctor Psycho promised to help teach him how to control his powers. They hugged. Psycho realized Joker and King Shark were still trapped. On Tawny Talks, Psycho tried to apologize about not being the best husband or father but Giganta added "human being" which set him off and he called her a miserable bitch. Herman Psycho stood up for her and told him to respect the woman who gave life to him under false pretenses then asked him what his clients would think if they knew then he hypnotized women to love him, called other women disgusting words, and broadcasted revenge porn for all to see.

Psycho took offense to being made out as the bad guy and just wanted respect. Psycho ordered Herman to come back and stated he could erase the damage so they could be a happy family again. Herman declared he could never manipulate his mother again and hung him back up on a ceiling light