Austin Pike

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Real Identity: Austin Pike
Appearances (Comics):: Knocked The Fuck Out
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

One day, Austin Pike was playing with his dog Duke and he witnessed Lady Firefly lighting the neighborhood, including his house, on fire. He was interviewed by Tawny Young then taken into custody by the Gotham City Police Department. Commissioner Gordon ordered Cheryl to guard Austin and tell him if he revealed anything. Lady Firefly burned a hole in the wall behind her. Cheryl drew her gun and Austin became irate and told Lady Firefly to leave. Batgirl and Nightwing arrived and fought her. Austin realized his younger sister was the villain after her face was exposed in the fight. She claimed she was doing it all to protect him. He claimed he never asked her to do that. She pointed out he could not take care of himself. He admitted he was disabled but he was not an infant that needed taking care of. He wanted her to respect him and ordered her to tell Batgirl and Nightwing why she committed the arsons or he would never talk to her again.

Lady Firefly couldn't believe him then confessed she was paid by Black Mask to burn down all of the late Penguin's old territory. She apologized to Austin and they hugged. After Lady Firefly was taken away, Austin asked Batgirl what he should do. Pennyworth told Batgirl over comms he would have the Wayne Foundation make a donation in Austin's name, help him with a place to stay, and finding him proper employment. He also remotely sent the Batmobile to find Harley Quinn. Austin was excited to see it.