Ernie Nguyen

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Real Identity: Ernie Nguyen
Appearances (Comics):: Boss Bitches and Stakeout
Powers/Skills: Unrevealed
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Ernie Nguyen and his fiance Ira Colter were to be the first couple to be wed by Mayor Joker at Gotham City Hall but the nuptials were interrupted by Black Mask and his False Face Society. Black Mask allowed it to conclude. Colter declared he was married. As they ran out, Nguyen thanked him for letting them get married instead of killing them. Joker advised them to get out before they changed their minds. The next day, Ira Colter and Ernie Nguyen went on a milkshake date at Goodielicious. Colter noticed Batgirl and Harley Quinn at a nearby table. Colter took some solace in heroes being just like them.