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Real Identity: Unrevealed
Appearances (Comics): The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham (Two Jokers)
Powers/Skills: Stand Up Comedy
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Joker was one of three Jokers who became friends at a liberal arts college. They dormed together and had a lot of fun. Joker became a comedian and for the next 20 years told the same outdated knock-knock jokes. He settled in Charm City. One day, he paid the other living Joker, now Mayor of Gotham City, a visit. He showed up at Bethany and Joker's home in the suburbs. She asked if they met in clown school. Mayor Joker asked why she would assume that. Joker thought back to their dorm days and recalled a birthday party but Mayor Joker quickly stated he didn't remember much before the election he just won. Joker lied he was on a hot streak, too, and booked himself some big gigs, including a late night show then started called Mayor Joker by his "Monkey" nickname to his annoyance. Joker asked why he never visited and noted it was very charming in Charm City this time of year. Mayor Joker stated he did not travel and couldn't imagine leaving his perfect city. Joker noted Gotham had 3000 murders a week. Mayor Joker declared they were damn proud of that and that was low for them. Mayor Joker wanted to turn in early in preparation for the Joker-bration. Joker asked where he was sleeping. Mayor Joker told him to go on the couch.

The next morning, there was a knock on the door. Mayor Joker assumed it was Alex and told him to tell the print shop not to make the Ray Lenoman banners glossy but it was the other Joker. He mused Mayor Joker always did crave the spotlight and it was no surprise he was throwing himself a shindig. Mayor Joker was annoyed and demanded respect then pointed out people chanted his name in fear. He declared he was the most powerful man in Gotham while Joker was a pathetic clown. Joker clarified he was a comedian and was disgusted with how his friend changed, getting wifed up and being responsible.

Mayor Joker quipped at least he wasn't telling the same knock-knock jokes for the last 20 years. Joker had a knock-knock joke for him and clocked him then grabbed the key to the city. Mayor Joker revealed he had a spare and they fought. Joker noticed Mayor Joker kept a photo of them with their third friend, another Joker. Mayor Joker thanked God he was dead. They laughed. Mayor Joker believed change was good and he was now an egomaniacal clown in a good way. Joker admitted he could use some change, too, and revealed he hadn't booked a gig in months. He bemoaned how hard it was for a white-grease paint heterosexual cis male to get work. Mayor Joker guessed one percent harder. Joker declared they couldn't win. Mayor Joker ordered Alex to cancel the Lenoman banners but was pissed to learn they were non-refundable. Joker took Lenoman's place and told his jokes. He asked what one snowman said to another snowman. He said "carrots." Due to the lack of laughs, Mayor Joker doused the crowd with his Joker toxin and gave gas masks to Bethany and Joker. He told him to knock'em dead. He surmised they just did.