Mr. Isley

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Real Identity: Mr. Isley
Appearances (Episodes): Harley Quinn Highway (Manifestation)
Appearances (Comics):: Journey To Love Part 5 (Manifestation)
Powers/Skills: Unrevealed
Voiced By: Jim Rash

Pamela Isley's father was the source of her trauma. Instead of being a loving parent, he constantly made her feel worthless and belittled her. On a birthday, he mocked her for not having any friends. Harley Quinn and her crew ventured into Ivy's mind and rescued her from a manifestation of Mr. Isley.

Poison Ivy waited at the car from her and Kite Man's aborted wedding while Harley Quinn retrieved Bud n Lou from the Gotham Mall for their roadtrip. She recalled her father always told her no on would want to marry her. She ripped the "Just Married" cloth off the car. Poison Ivy, a Dr. Quinzel manifestation, and a Frank manifestation went to a memory of one of Ivy's childhood birthday parties because Ivy's father was the root of her trauma and it was the moment where everything started to change for her. Quinzel added she deserved a father who was there for her, lifting her up, showing her love, not ridiculing her and making her feel worthless. Ivy confronted her father and stated Pamela had many friends who loved and supported her in a way that he could never imagine. The young Pamela perked up. Ivy told her she had someone special that loved every part of her, no matter who many mistakes she made.

Mr. Isley turned into a giant red ethereal face and yelled at Ivy to stay away from his daughter then stated she was nothing, aghast at her being given hope. He suspected Ivy was lying and painting a pretty picture for Pamela. Ivy promised to paint an even prettier picture with his blood. Frank unleashed his inner Frank and became huge and had legs to his surprise. Ivy and Frank attacked Isley as the latter sang about kicking ass. They crushed Mr. Isley's face in. Pamela ran up to Dr. Quinzel and hugged her. Quinzel congratulated Ivy and told her she took the first step in starting her journey of self-love and acceptance. She implored Ivy to go and save Harley Quinn in the real world from the new supervillain Mephitic.