Frank The Plant

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Real Identity: Frank
Appearances (Episodes): Till Death Do Us Part, A High Bar, So You Need A Crew, You're A Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon, The Line, A Seat At The Table, Bensonhurst, Harley Quinn Highway, The Final Joke, Bachelorette, A Fight Worth Fighting For, Something Borrowed, Something Green, There's No Ivy in Team, A Thief, A Mole, An Orgy, It's a Swamp Thing, Another Sharkley Adventure, Batman Begins Forever, Climax at Jazzapajizza, The Horse and The Sparrow, Gotham's Hottest Hotties, B.I.T.C.H., Getting Ice Dick, Don't Wait Up, Metamorphosis, and The Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise of All Time
Appearances (Comics):: Journey To Love Part 5 (Manifestation), Journey To Love Part 6 (Manifestation), The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham (Tawny Tawks!), Challenge Your Fighters, Knocked The Fuck Out, Boss Bitches, Stakeout, and Where Do We Go From Here?
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Digestion, Levitation, and Telekinesis
Voiced By: J.B. Smoove

Frank is a sentient plant associated with Poison Ivy.

(Comic Canon only) Poison Ivy and the Dr. Quinzel manifestation arrived at a memory of the former's childhood home in her mind. Quinzel asked Ivy if she was ready. Ivy replied she absolutely wasn't. Suddenly a manifestation of Frank the Plant appeared and he was just as freaked out as Ivy. Ivy asked him what he as doing in her mind. He informed he he really wasn't there and was going to be giving her terrible clues and disappear when she needed him the most. Quinzel highlighted the memory by stating Ivy's father was the root of her trauma and it was the moment where everything started to change for her. Quinzel added she deserved a father who was there for her, lifting her up, showing her love, not ridiculing her and making her feel worthless. Ivy confronted her father and stated Pamela had many friends who loved and supported her in a way that he could never imagine.

Ivy asked Frank if he was ready to unleash his "inner Harley." Frank stated he wasn't no white woman but was going to release his inner Frank, something he was waiting to do since 1986. Frank became huge and had legs to his surprise. Ivy and Frank attacked Isley as the latter sang about kicking ass. They crushed Mr. Isley's face in. Frank reckoned he could go for a blunt after all that. Ivy blamed herself for Harley's kidnapping. The Frank manifestation had no sympathy for her and told her to cut it out and find Harley then beat Mephitic's ass. Ivy realized he was right. Frank, Harleen and Pamela continued with their party in Ivy's head and ate cake. Frank agreed to co-host Tawny Talks with Tawny Young for a few episodes. Vixen, Elle, Harley and Ivy were brought out to the stage first. Frank introduced Elle, Harley, and Vixen as Ivy's sidekicks, drawing a glare from Vixen. Young told him to be nice. Frank quipped that was nice.

Harley stipulated they were not heroes but got excited about the prospect of an antihero-for-hire business. Frank yelled at her to sit down or he was going to be fired by association. Batgirl was called up next but Frank was unimpressed by her entrance by grapnel. Frank was equally unimpressed with Calculator and asked if he was going to throw equations at them. She chided Frank for being ableist over Doctor Psycho's name. At the end of the episode, Young brought all the guests out and thanked them for spilling their tea then suggested therapy. Psycho did not believe any of them were on his level and declared he was no sidekick unlike Clayface, whom he described with profanity. Frank asked him if he was going to let someone with only one outfit talk to him like that. Another fight broke out.

Ivy was unsure of everything happening so fast with her terraforming plan, Harley stopping her, and Lex Luthor's offer to her to lead the Legion of Doom. Frank felt it sounded more like people were starting to take notice of how powerful she was and didn't see the problem. Ivy was concerned Harley might be scared of her now. Frank told her to cut it out, go open her mail, and chill out. She was angered over being invited to her alma mater Hudson University for a celebration involving Dr. Jason Woodrue. Frank figured she might want to get in touch with her roots after her recent failure. She tore up the invite and stormed off to her lab.

Chaz and Frank smoked weed in Selina Kyle's penthouse. After Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy returned, Frank sent Chaz out to get some munchies with Ivy's card. Frank felt a disturbance in the Green and was shook but Ivy did not. Frank brought Ivy hot coffee and a bagel while wearing Harley's secretary role-play outfit. Ivy was confused. Frank reminded her he was her assistant. He then deduced she was talking to herself about Bella Garten before he walked in the room. She told him about her relationship with Garten during her Hudson University years and the bad break up over Dr. Jason Woodrue. Frank surmised she had unfinished business to attend to. Ivy got annoyed and didn't think she would be attending an event celebrating him. Frank then informed her the first interview was in the living/waiting room then advised her to embrace the boss bitch they all knew she was. Porcelain was in. Ivy asked Frank to give them the Legion of Doom packets but he claimed he was only there to look pretty and collect checks. Ivy told him to give Porcelain the packet if he wanted that check. After the next interview, Ivy was about to tell Frank the same thing but he already deduced she wanted him to give Livewire and Nightfall packets.

The following morning, Frank dressed in a suit and watched in anticipation for Ivy and Harley to argue about the latter coming home late without dinner. Instead they started having sex on the kitchen table. Frank declared being a cuck wasn't in the job description. While both were annoyed by his presence, Harley was surprised he got paid but thought he looked really good. Later that day, he eavesdropped on Ivy's phone call with Bella Garten and was vindicated when Garten called out Ivy on not being a fan of confrontation. Garten hoped to meet Frank one day and called him a fascinating specimen much like her pets. Ivy tried to brush him off but Frank brought up how she was kept meeting up with her ex-girlfriend a secret from Harley. King Shark returned home and revealed Harley was keeping a secret from Ivy, too. Frank could not wait for the drama to come. When Harley Quinn came home, Frank refused to schedule anything for Ivy until he got his paycheck. He then told Ivy and King Shark they both needed acting classes.

After Ivy and Harley revealed the latter's activities as an anti-hero working with Batman's team, Frank declared he was staying with them. Harley and Ivy retired to their bedroom for make-up sex. Ivy pointed out it would not be used to avoid their problems. Harley quipped they had grown some and wouldn't be doing that anymore. Frank quipped based on Blackgate, they hadn't grown at all. Ivy threw a pillow at him and told him he was fired as her assistant. He slammed the door shut.