Dr. Jason Woodrue

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Real Identity: Dr. Jason Woodrue
Affiliations: Hudson University
Appearances (Comics):: Boss Bitches
Powers/Skills: Unrevealed
Voiced By: Not Applicable

During junior year at Hudson University, Pamela Isley and Bella Garten's relationship fell apart thanks in no small part to a professor named Dr. Jason Woodrue. There was something about Woodrue that had a hold over Isley but she didn't realize what was happening. Garten saw through the charade and tried to warn her but Isley dismissed and gaslit her instead, even accusing Garten of being jealous. They eventually broke up over Woodrue.

Many years later, after the zombie incident, Frank learned Hudson University was celebrating Woodrue's achievements and gave them Poison Ivy's email contact figuring she would want to reconnect with her roots after her big failure. Ivy got angry, ripped up the invite, and stated she would never celebrate that man.