Commissioner Gordon

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Real Identity: James W. "Jim" Gordon
Affiliations: Gotham City Police Department and Legion of Doom
Appearances (Episodes): Till Death Do Us Part, You're A Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon, Devil's Snare, The Final Joke, New Gotham, Riddle U, Batman's Back, Man, All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues, There's No Place to Go But Down, Inner (Para)Demons, Dye Hard, Lover's Quarrel, Something Borrowed, Something Green, Harlivy, A Thief, A Mole, An Orgy, Joker: The Killing Vote, Getting Ice Dick, Don't Wait Up, Metamorphosis, The Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise of All Time, Potato Based Cloning Incident, and Killer's Block
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love, Journey To Love Part 2, Journey To Love Part 3, Journey To Love Part 4, Journey To Love Part 6, The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham (Identity Crisis and Tawny Tawks!), and Knocked The Fuck Out
Powers/Skills: Law Enforcement
Voiced By: Chris Meloni

(Comic Canon only) Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy took the Harley Quinn Highway with Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD still in pursuit of them. Even with Harley driving 110 miles per hour, Gordon still persisted. He ordered her to pull over and vowed he wouldn't let the President of the United States or Gotham down. Gordon ordered them again to pull over. Harley flipped him off then jumped towards the squad cars with a bat to thin the herd while Ivy took over the wheel. used her powers on some trees to form an off ramp of sorts then told Harley turn onto it. Gordon tried to follow but Ivy had the branches toss his car off the highway but she commanded vines to entangle it at the last second. Gordon faceplanted into the windshield. Firefighters arrived on scene and liberated Gordon from the car. He climbed down the ladder fuming that he would be shaking hands with the President and accepting a key to city if Two-Face had just kept his mouth shut. He was tended to by paramedics but Tawny Young arrived and grilled him about his plan to capture all the supervillains at the wedding when he already had Harley. She even deduced the plan wasn't his in the first place. Gordon grabbed her microphone and issued a statement of his own, he vowed to bring Harley Quinn to justice and stated her days were numbered. A bug he planted on Harley and Ivy's car paid off and he listened in, learning they were heading to Catwoman's hideout.

Gordon mobilized some officers and camped out in a surveillance van near Williams Street then told officers disguised as road workers to clear civilians out. Over comms, he belittled them for failing to move out two elderly women who nearly were run over by Harley and Ivy. The officer insisted they yelled at them and one ran over his foot with her walker. Gordon went on a rant comparing them to festering ass boils that can't even follow explicit directions. The two officers with him were confused and suggested he consult a doctor instead of telling them. Gordon told them to mind their own business and help him get Gotham reunited with the United States of America. He suddenly went off about Barbara openly cheating on him but still giving him pity sex and despite the boils, polyps, and herpes, he was content with attention from his wife and just wanted her to be happy. The officers turned towards the monitors.

Some time after Harley and Ivy entered "Selina's Cathouse," Commissioner Gordon and the police demanded their surrender. Bud and Lou growled at them. Gordon was fine with shooting them on the grounds they were criminals conspiring with Harley. Catwoman told Ivy after the babysitting gig, neither of them could ask her for anything. Bud and Lou ran off after Gordon threw a grenade at the building. They pounced one of the officers and tore him to shreds. Gordon ordered everyone into the building. Cheryl asked about calling paramedics for their injured. Gordon told her only the mission to reunite Gotham City with the United States of America mattered. They opened fire into the lobby. Harley used one of Catwoman's whips to swing up to an upper floor with Ivy. Harley taunted Gordon but he vowed he would catch them. He had another grenade. Batman blew his way in and tried to get Gordon to stand down. However, Gordon was content with blowing himself up if that meant taking down Harley once and for all.

Batman grabbed the hand holding the grenade and tried to get through to him by citing his daughter and the fact she would grow up without a father. Gordon shot at Harley and Ivy. In the chaos, they exited the building and drove off, leaving Bud and Lou with Catwoman. Gordon returned to the van and drove after them. Batman dropped down onto his windshield and ordered him to stop because he was destroying and terrorizing Gotham, acting like what he was chasing. Gordon declared he wasn't a damn good cop anymore and braked, sending Batman flying. Gordon and Cheryl caught up to Harley and Ivy at the parking lot of the Bludhaven Rest Stop. From atop the van, he clipped their vine and they dropped. He told Cheryl to keep it steady. She braked hard when Nightwing suddenly landed in front of them. Gordon was launched off the roof into a parked car. Nightwing told Gordon he was a shell of the man he used to be and for whatever reason Batman was worried about him. Gordon was surprised.

Nightwing told him to go home because he wasn't a vigilante and he would do something he couldn't come back from. Gordon told himself the mission was Gotham, not Batman. He pulled his handgun and ordered Nightwing to move. Nightwing retorted not to threaten him with a good time and warned he wouldn't go easy on him like Batman. Batgirl pulled up on her Batcycle. Gordon hesitated but stated he lost everything already and his path to redemption was bringing in Harley. He ordered them to move. Batgirl reminded him he didn't lose his daughter yet and he didn't want to embarrass or disappoint her. In his head, Gordon cursed her presence. He backed down. Two nights later, Gordon saw a viral clip of the week on the news and learned Harley and Ivy were in Detroit. Commissioner Gordon stewed in a Bludhaven hotel with his daughter. She had no idea how to get him to realize he needed help.

Commissioner Gordon received mystery texts claiming to know what Harley's location was and instructed him to get in a car that would take him to Bludhaven airport for a flight that departs in one hour then more instructions would be sent when he landed. Gordon asked who the person was. The person claimed to be concerned for Gotham's future. Before Ivy and Harley could leave Mephitic's warehouse, a car pulled up. Commissioner Gordon popped out of the passenger side and ordered them to stop right there. Tawny Young came out and asked them how it felt to defeat a villain just before he destroyed a city like they did back in Gotham. Harley noticed JT from Blud Garden with a camera and Ivy recognized Reign. JT apologized and revealed Tawny Young was their mother and boss. Before Gordon could arrest them, Livewire fired an electric bolt at his feet from the roof. She declared they always had the best Girls Night Out and thanked them for showing her that she needed to fight for Nightfall's heart. While Gordon was blinded, Harley and Ivy escaped. Young reported Gordon once again blundered. He glared but was speechless.

Barbara Gordon noted her father kept sending her his ClipClops and she didn't have the heart to tell him how cringe they were. On the morning of finals, she got more texts from Jim Gordon asking what "going viral" meant and if that was a STD. Gordon got another text from Jim Gordon worrying about being hacked. She recalled ClipClop was owned by Waynebook and thought the server was down. By the time she got to her class, she realized it was a network error and she could not access the site at all. During a battle with Calculator, she was forced to relive all of his ClipClops. At the end of the final exam, she noticed she got another text from him asking what his password was because he got kicked out. Gordon attended the live taping of the first episode of Tawny Talks. When Calculator crashed the taping and revealed who Batgirl was, Jim Gordon tried to erode his credibility by making fun of his name and pointing out he would know if his own daughter was Batgirl. To his bewilderment, Batgirl pointed to Barbara Gordon, unaware yet it was Clayface.

The press labeled Gordon clueless when he had no answers about a string of arsons in the city. Gordon ordered Cheryl to guard Austin Pike, the sole eyewitness, and tell him if he revealed anything.