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Real Identity: Annie
Appearances (Comics): The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham (Showtime! and Tawny Tawks!)
Powers/Skills: Shapeshifting and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Clayface went to Las Vegas after he realized he never gave on his dream to be a star. No one gave him the time of day. One day, he cried to the hotel mogul Steve Zynn and said he needed a job. Clayface took a piece of himself and created a young girl named Annie then used her to garner sympathy in his audition. She ran in pretending to be a sad, starving girl. Zynn was so embarrassed for them and let Clayface audition. Luckily, Clayface blew him away. In case he needed her again, Clayface kept Annie in his hotel room and told her to stay. He got so successful so fast, he completely forgot about her. She eventually became sentient and curious about the world then left. People winced at the sight of a grubby orphan so she mimicked show girls she observed but got too much attention. She changed her look and infiltrated a high school. The school happened to be attended by Sasha Romano of the Romano crime family.

Over a year later, Annie happened to be at Sasha Romano's sweet sixteen party. Annie asked Clayface for an autograph but he didn't even recognize her. He saw a note instructing him to hand the paper back to him and say thank you if he wanted to leave the party. He did and was elated he was saved. For the grand finale, Sasha Romano's new car was presented but she had a meltdown over it not being gold. The girl pulled Clayface behind the curtain and told him it was their chance with everyone distracted. Clayface assumed she was a fan and insisted he could escape on his own. She asserted he did because the place was built like a fortress. He learned her name was Annie but before she could answer why she was helping them, they fought off goons. They made their way outside. She told him to steal a security jeep and try to flee back to civilization. He was surprised she wasn't coming with him. She finally snapped and revealed she was his daughter and he forgot all about her.

They ended up in the same jeep and Annie recounted her life. To his surprise, she refused to rejoin him. He still didn't want to just leave her out in the world and offered her to be his awful celebrity kid. Annie drove through the security fence. The guard reported Clayface's departure and suggested it was time to get the Jonas Brothers as replacements. Clayface still wanted to know why she bothered to rescue him. She admitted he was her father and she couldn't just let him die. Clayface realized what a massive mistake he made, called her tough, kind, and strangely smarter then him, and asked for a second chance. She wasn't sure and asked if she could think about it.

Clayface and Annie were the third segment in the first episode of Tawny Talks. Young went over how Clayface forgot about his daughter for a year and she survived on her own thanks to his so-called Vegas benders. Young brought up it wasn't the first time he neglected a child and brought out a special surprise guest, the Arm. Annie was about to storm off. Clayface pointed out he did not leave Arm on purpose. King Shark tried to explain they were on the run from the police after a failed heist but Tabitha told him to sit back down. Arm took offense to King calling them accidents. Annie launched Arm and he punched King then she turned into a monstrous clay form, angry over not being cared about. She threw Clayface into the set background while Arm yanked on King's tongue. Young called for security and told the crew to cut the cameras. At the end of the episode, Young brought all the guests out and thanked them for spilling their tea then suggested therapy. Psycho did not believe any of them were on his level and declared he was no sidekick unlike Clayface, whom he described with profanity. Annie took offense. Another fight broke out.