Selina's Penthouse

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): The 83rd Annual Villy Awards, A Thief, A Mole, An Orgy, It's a Swamp Thing, Another Sharkley Adventure, Batman Begins Forever, The Horse and The Sparrow, Gotham's Hottest Hotties, Icons Only, Metamorphosis, and Potato Based Cloning Incident
Appearances (Specials): A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special
Appearances (Comics): Challenge Your Fighters, Knocked The Fuck Out, Boss Bitches, Stakeout, Batharl, and Where Do We Go From Here?
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

(Comic Canon only) After a fight with Bane, Harley Quinn returned to the penthouse covered in Venom. She noticed Ivy in her lab snoring then went to clean her wounds and take a shower. Ivy joined her then helped bandage her up. Harley shared her own struggles with moving on from being a villain but not becoming a hero. Ivy. After they had sex, Harley inquired who her friend in college was. Ivy shared that she saw potential in her but she was so obsessed with saving plants only and told Harley she would have to choose, she couldn't have both. Harley froze to the point Ivy thought she was having a stroke. Harley declared she was having an "antihero." Ivy admitted she wished she could be as impulsive as her. Harley was pretty sure it was ADHD. Ivy shared her own misgivings about leading the Legion of Doom but Harley assured her she could whip them into shape. Harley got an idea. She recalled most of the current Legion membership were in jail or dead so they should assemble their own team.

They went through files and quickly became frustrated. Ivy realized it was time for a "Ladies of Doom." A few hours later, they settled on several prospective recruits: Nightfall, Livewire, Queen Bee, Giganta, Jinx, Porcelain, and Lady Marabunta. As Ivy carried the tired Harley to bed, they promised not to lose each other as they went in different directions. Harley woke up and found a note from Ivy telling her she went on errands. Harley decided to go out and meet with the Bat-Family. After Harley and Ivy fooled around in the morning, the latter fretted about what to wear for the Ladies of Doom interviews. Harley suggested they go shopping at the New Gotham Mall. Chaz smoked weed with Frank in Selina Kyle's penthouse. After Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy returned, Frank sent Chaz out to get some munchies with Ivy's card. Frank felt a disturbance in the Green and was shook but Ivy did not. Ivy was concerned about that discrepancy.

Frank brought Ivy hot coffee and a bagel while wearing Harley's secretary role-play outfit. Ivy was confused. Frank reminded her he was her assistant. He then deduced she was talking to herself about Bella Garten before he walked in the room. She told him about her relationship with Garten during her Hudson University years and the bad break up over Dr. Jason Woodrue. Frank surmised she had unfinished business to attend to. Ivy got annoyed and didn't think she would be attending an event celebrating him. Frank then informed her the first interview was in the living/waiting room then advised her to embrace the boss bitch they all knew she was. Porcelain and Ivy exchanged pleasantries then Ivy revealed she was extremely impressed when Swamp Thing told her what they did to Superman to save their friend Black Alice all those years ago and hoped for an opportunity to work with them someday. Porcelain admitted they were a sucker for compliments but asked what they were getting out it, pointing out they were smitten with Ivy after Jazzapajizza but Ivy still was known for hating mankind.

Ivy promised not to kill them and highlighted the Legion's amazing dental care and three Kryptonite-powered submarines that turn into cars. She then recalled Harley Quinn's head's up about Porcelain's gender-fluidity and asked if they preferred Kevin or Kani. Porcelain sincerely appreciated it and answered "Porcelain" while in costume and "Kani" when out of costume. They klinked coffee mugs. Ivy asked Frank to give them the Legion of Doom packets but he claimed he was only there to look pretty and collect checks. Ivy told him to give Porcelain the packet if he wanted that check. Livewire emerged from her cellphone while Nightfall teleported into the room. Ivy was elated and hugged Livewire then made an apology to Nightfall for breaking into her house and stealing her clothes and shoes. Nightfall told Ivy to call her Zillah and stated she was already forgiven. Nightfall then whispered to Ivy that if she stole from her again, she would drop her off in the nearest abyss. Livewire asked when they started. Ivy was about to tell Frank but he already deduced she wanted him to give Livewire and Nightfall packets to fill out.

During a lunch break, Ivy read Harley's note and gave her a call. Harley told her she might be home a little late. Lady Marabunta showed up for her interview. Poison Ivy noticed Tawny Young reporting live from Gotham City Hall about Mayor Joker being held hostage by the False Face Society. Marabunta was fine with Ivy watching it first. However, when Ivy was ready to interview her, Marabunta was gone. By the time Harley got back, Ivy was still out. The following morning, Frank dressed in a suit and watched in anticipation for Ivy and Harley to argue about the latter coming home late without dinner. Ivy made up a lie she was out with Livewire and Nightfall. Harley wanted to text them about getting dinner but Ivy implored her to eat her breakfast and snatched her phone away. Ivy told herself she just needed some alone time with Bella Garten first before introducing the two. Harley gobbled her food down then shoved the dishes off the table. They started having sex on the kitchen table but Frank declared being a cuck wasn't in the job description.

While both were annoyed by his presence, Harley was surprised he got paid but thought he looked really good. She tried to get Ivy to agree to giving her an allowance but she got a text from Batgirl. King Shark and Clayface were aghast when Harley passed on band practice with them for The Blackened Pains of Zeerathan. Clayface wondered if they were even a crew anymore. Harley assured them they were but they were suspicious with how unusual she was acting. Ivy and Garten made small talk on the phone while Ivy waited on Queen Bee to arrive for an interview until Garten asked if she told Harley she was in town yet and they went out for dinner. Frank eavesdropped on Ivy's phone call and was vindicated when Garten called out Ivy on not being a fan of confrontation. Garten hoped to meet Frank one day and called him a fascinating specimen much like her pets. Ivy tried to brush him off but Frank brought up how she was kept meeting up with her ex-girlfriend a secret from Harley. King Shark returned home and revealed Harley was keeping a secret from Ivy, too. Frank could not wait for the drama to come.

Harley returned to the penthouse to find Ivy, King Shark, and Frank waiting up. King alluded to her cover story and remarked her calves looked good. Ivy mistook it as another Sharkley adventure and wanted to go on one next time but Frank refused to schedule it until he got paid. He then advised Ivy and King to take acting classes. Ivy and Harley retired to their bedroom where the latter revealed Marabunta's attempted kidnapping of a child on behalf of Black Mask. Harley speculated Peach's sister Miia might be one of Mask's hostages. Ivy made a note to revoke Marabunta's full dental coverage. They thanked each other but still couldn't reveal their secrets. Poison Ivy fell asleep waiting for Jinx to show up for her interview and had a fantasy about a four way between her, Harley, Bella Garten, and Catwoman. She was waken up by a call from Harley. Ivy suggested a little quickie now that her schedule was clear but Harley lied about having a therapy session scheduled with Bruce Wayne. She instead texted a sexy pic to Ivy's delight.

Peaches witnessed a battle between the Bat-Family and Vixen and the False Face Society then called up Poison Ivy and told her what was going on. She was afraid if Mask was imprisoned, they would never find Miia. Ivy organized the Ladies and Nonbinaries of Doom and went over the plan. Nightfall was to teleport them, Porcelain, Queen Bee and Livewire would distract the Bat-Family, and Ivy and Knockout would interrogate Black Mask about Miia. She couldn't believe Garten touched her hand in front of everyone. After the Blackgate incident, Harley told King Shark, Clayface, Sy Borgman, and Frank The Plant about her activities as an anti-hero with Batman's team. King Shark didn't think associating with Harley would do any good with his standing in the villain community. He quit the team. Borgman was surprised Ivy was going to tap a superhero. Ivy admitted the situation was unconventional but she loved Harley and was pretty sure it would not be smooth sailing in the beginning. She hoped they could all remain friends and support Harley.

Clayface and King Shark left to process the news. Frank vowed to stay. Harley and Ivy retired to their bedroom for make-up sex. Ivy pointed out it would not be used to avoid their problems. Harley quipped they had grown some and wouldn't be doing that anymore. Frank quipped based on Blackgate, they hadn't grown at all. Ivy threw a pillow at him and told him he was fired. Harley suggested some hero-vs-villain roleplay. She didn't notice a text from Batgirl telling her to show up bright and early tomorrow at the Batcave for her first day on the job.