Selina's Cathouse

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love Part 2 and The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham (Double Date)
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Catwoman lived in a modest building a few blocks near an exit out of Gotham City. It was referred to as "Selina's Cathouse." Harley Quinn planned to drop Bud and Lou off with Catwoman while she and Poison Ivy went on their road trip. Harley texted Catwoman at the last possible second. Catwoman refused to take anyone in and picked up her cats Diamonds and Pearls after Bud and Lou started staring and whooping at them. Harley lied they were vegetarians. Catwoman yelled at Bud and Lou to stay and not move. To Harley's surprise, they complied and stayed at the entrance. Harley and Ivy were amazed by Catwoman's place. Without thinking, Harley leaped on to the couch and put her boots up. Catwoman slapped them down and warned her to treat her home with respect or leave the way she came. Ivy scolded Harley and went to talk to Catwoman alone. Ivy apprised her of the situation. Catwoman refused to do a favor for Harley but would for Ivy if she told her what was going on with her. Ivy asked why she cared all of a sudden. Catwoman didn't and clarified she just wanted the tea.

Commissioner Gordon and the police demanded their surrender. Bud and Lou growled at them. An officer pointed out they were in a residential area and they could get a lot of civilians killed. Gordon reminded him he was a subordinate and he was a damn good cop. He asked about the hyenas. Gordon was fine with shooting them on the grounds they were criminals conspiring with Harley. Catwoman told Ivy after the babysitting gig, neither of them could ask her for anything. Bud and Lou ran off after Gordon threw a grenade at the building. Catwoman told Harley and Ivy to get her cats and meet her upstairs. The explosion threw them off their feet. Ivy caught herself, Harley, and a cat with vines. Catwoman landed on her feet. Ivy tried to hold off the police with vines while Catwoman and Harley ran up with arm loads of cats. Ivy was clipped on her left arm and regretted accepting Harley's proposal because all it did was get everyone caught up in her problems. Bud and Lou pounced one of the officers and tore him to shreds.

Gordon ordered everyone into the building. Cheryl asked about calling paramedics for their injured. Gordon told her only the mission to reunite Gotham City with the United States of America mattered. They opened fire into the lobby. Harley used one of Catwoman's whips to swing up to an upper floor with Ivy. A SWAT team charged in from the back. Harley taunted Gordon but he vowed he would catch them. He had another grenade. Batman blew his way in and tried to get Gordon to stand down. However, Gordon was content with blowing himself up if that meant taking down Harley once and for all. Batman grabbed the hand holding the grenade and tried to get through to him by citing his daughter and the fact she would grow up without a father. Gordon shot at Harley and Ivy. Catwoman told Diamonds this was the reason she kept to herself and had no friends. Harley burst in and told her Gordon was outta control and Batman came. Catwoman asked how she looked. Harley was confused but remembered they dated.

Catwoman clarified he wasn't a fan of cats. Harley and Ivy felt bad for her. Ivy made vines grow out of her window. The cats marched across it. Catwoman refused to go with them and stated she didn't need anyone's help. Batman entered Catwoman's bedroom just as she was leaving and complimented her home. Catwoman mused it was nice. Batman claimed he just wanted to talk and promised Gordon wouldn't be back. Catwoman stated she was not coming back neither. She swung out the window, made a heart sign with her whip, and ran off. During Mari McCabe and Elle's visit to the city, they noticed Selina's Cathouse a few doors down from their Rest BnB. Elle wondered what happened. McCabe reminded her anything was possible in Gotham. Elle brought it up at the double date with Harley and Ivy but they lied they had no clue.