The Ocelot

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham (Double Date)
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Ocelot is a high-end restaurant in Gotham City and is owned by Bruce Wayne. For a double date with Mari McCabe and Elle, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy managed to get an evening reservation under their ship name "Harlivy." McCabe thought it was corny but Elle reminded her about the Vixelle custom shirts and jackets she designed for their ship name. They found Harley and Ivy at the table and made a toast to awkward dates. Elle was happy all heroic and nonheroic ways were put aside and thanked them. Harley declared everything was on her and told them to order whatever they wanted. Elle and McCabe were amused. Harley stopped herself from admitting she stole the money. Ivy asked Elle how she liked Gotham so far. Elle admitted they hadn't seen much of it yet but asked about a bombed out building a few doors down from the Rest BnB they were renting. Harley and Ivy feigned ignorance about it. Elle teased McCabe for snatching food from her plate. Ivy joked Harley did the same thing but she denied it. McCabe admitted they were low-key fun to hang out with.

A woman became irate that patrons in the Ocelot were not donating to her charity but were fine with paying for $500 meals. After dinner, Ivy presented a gift to Elle, a chronic pain bouquet that would help her with her ails. The date was interrupted by the explosive entrance of White Rabbit and her twin goons, Deever and Dumphrey. They proceeded to rob all the patrons. Ivy wrapped up Deever in vines. White Rabbit fangirled over getting to meet her and Harley. Deever demanded to be put down. Ivy obliged and chucked him. Dumphrey threatened to kill her but Harley took offense. McCabe took on the power of the fox and White Rabbit implored her to try and catch her. Dumphrey grabbed Harley by the neck but she swung a plant-shaped bat and nailed him. Harley elected to grab the woman complaining earlier while Ivy escorted Elle outside. McCabe got bored and switched to a cheetah but White Rabbit remained elusive. Outside, the woman revealed she was the sister of White Rabbit and revealed she was raising funds for a Pakistani charity and her sister meant no harm. To everyone's surprise, the woman and White Rabbit vanished. Elle and McCabe hugged and the latter thanked them for keeping her safe.