Off-Site Bat-Training Facility

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Boss Bitches, Stakeout, Batharl, and Where Do We Go From Here?
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Harley Quinn trained with the Bat-Family at an Off-Site Bat-Training Facility. To Nightwing's annoyance, she still managed to avoid his attacks while she talked to Ivy on the phone. Harley once again brought up it wasn't the Batcave and Robin repeated he would not grant her access. Batgirl briefed them about Black Mask and asked if anyone knew anything more. Harley remembered encountering him at the Boomboom Room the other day and his ultimatum. Batgirl was still unsure of what he had to gain from burning Penguin's territory. Nightwing speculated it was part of his plan to take over the city. Harley got a text from Joker about Black Mask holding him hostage then shared it with the others. She wanted to go by Red Bat which was immediately mocked by Robin. Harley decided to drive one of Bruce Wayne's car without asking. After they returned, Robin blamed Harley for failing to capture Mask but she then shared a tip that the Legion of Doom was restructuring and bringing in more villains. Nightwing suggested a stakeout. Batgirl took Harley aside and asked what was wrong. Harley lied she was just hormonal.

Batgirl and Harley returned to the off-site Bat-Warehouse for an interrogation. Batgirl objected to Harley using torture but the latter promised to only harm Lady Marabunta with her bat. Clayface revealed himself to Batgirl's befuddlement. Vixen arrived at the Bat-Warehouse with a young girl named Cassandra Cain and told her she would be safe. Vixen found Nightwing and Robin bickering over running away from bees and asked where Batgirl was. Batgirl apologized for being late and explained she was dropping off a kidnapped child. Vixen was shocked to see Harley Quinn. Harley was surprised Elle didn't tell her but announced she was now a "good-ish guy" and added she even saved Gotham from her girlfriend's clutches. Vixen could not deal with it and asked her to leave because there was something sensitive she had to discuss with the others but promised they would talk later. She told Harley she was proud of her then told Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin that Cain was the most important person in their lives for the next few days.

Robin complimented Cain on her video game skills. She signed "thank you" back. Batgirl was not happy with babysitting but Nightwing simplified it as making she she was fed and entertained. He pointed out Robin had the latter covered. Nightwing left to meet with a Bludhaven source for a lead on Lady Marabunta. Batgirl realized Robin was right and he was a butthead. Batgirl asked Cain if she would like to learn some self-defense moves. Determined not to get kidnapped again, Tiffany Fox arrived at the Bat-Warehouse. Robin wanted to know how she found them. She reminded them her father was Lucius Fox. Robin was satisfied and allowed her continued presence. Batgirl asked her and Cassandra Cain if either of them knew any self-defense moves. Fox replied he knew only what her brother Luke taught her. Batgirl continued with her lesson but was caught off-guard when Cain headbutted her in the chest then hit her in the chin with a knee and left her on the floor of the ring. Robin was smitten with Cain and wondered if he was feeling love.

After the Blackgate mission, Nightwing voiced his disdain for Harley. Batgirl pointed out he wasn't complaining when she was complimenting his ass. Vixen stuck up for her and pointed out that considering the circumstances, she did all right. Wonder Woman arrived for Cassandra Cain and advised Harley to hold herself accountable and apologize to Ivy for her deceit. She jokingly offered to tie her up and force her to speak truthfully. Wonder Woman vowed to Vixen that Cain would be protected on Themyscira by the Amazons and she would get to train with the best of the best until it was safe for her to return home. Vixen quipped she needed to loosen up. Vixen told Harley she would reach out to Zatanna and Cyborg to see if they could track down their friend Peaches's sister Miia in Detroit. Tiffany Fox told Robin she couldn't believe he got to have fun fighting crime all the time but she admitted it got weird when Livewire tried to kill Harley. Cassandra also signed "weird."

Robin joked all adults were weird, especially Harley and they all laughed. Vixen introduced Cain to Wonder Woman. Fox and Cain were shocked to get to meet her. Cain whispered to Robin she was going to miss him and kissed him on the cheek. Robin hoped she would join the team someday as well as Fox. He nicknamed Fox, "Microbat."