Harley Quinn Highway

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): Harley Quinn Highway
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy took the Harley Quinn Highway with Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD still in pursuit of them. Even with Harley driving 110 miles per hour, Gordon still persisted. He ordered her to pull over and vowed he wouldn't let the President of the United States or Gotham down. The officers started opening fire and not hit a window. Ivy started getting angry. Harley taunted Ivy was going to kill them. Ivy stated she wasn't killing anyone and implored her to keep her eyes on the road. Harley noted it was hard to with her on her knees next to her in a wedding dress. Gordon ordered them again to pull over. Harley flipped him off then jumped towards the squad cars with a bat to thin the herd while Ivy took over the wheel. As Harley recapped the past two years, an officer realized she destroyed Gotham because he was friend zoned. Harley told him to shut up and punched him out. She commandeered the vehicle until Ivy pulled her back into their car with a van.

Ivy used her powers on some trees to form an off ramp of sorts then told Harley turn onto it. Gordon tried to follow but Ivy had the branches toss his car off the highway but she commanded vines to entangle it at the last second. Gordon faceplanted into the windshield. Harley was impressed and was ready to pounce her in the car. Ivy told her soon enough. Firefighters liberated Commissioner Gordon from his entangled squad car hanging off the Harley Quinn Highway. Tawny Young was live on the scene. Gordon was tended to by paramedics but she shoved a paramedic aside and grilled him about his plan to capture all the supervillains at the wedding when he already had Harley. She even deduced the plan wasn't his in the first place. Gordon grabbed her microphone and issued a statement of his own, he vowed to bring Harley Quinn to justice and stated her days were numbered.