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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): Till Death Do Us Part, A High Bar, So You Need A Crew, Finding Mr. Right, Being Harley Quinn, You're A Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon, The Line, L.O.D.R.S.V.P, A Seat At The Table, Bensonhurst, Harley Quinn Highway, Devil's Snare, The Final Joke, New Gotham, Riddle U, Trapped, Thawing Hearts, Batman's Back, Man, All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues, There's No Place to Go But Down, Inner (Para)Demons, Bachelorette, Dye Hard, A Fight Worth Fighting For, Lover's Quarrel, Something Borrowed, Something Green, Harlivy, There's No Ivy in Team, The 83rd Annual Villy Awards, A Thief, A Mole, An Orgy, Joker: The Killing Vote, Another Sharkley Adventure, Batman Begins Forever, Climax at Jazzapajizza, The Horse and The Sparrow, Gotham's Hottest Hotties, B.I.T.C.H., Icons Only, The First Person to Come Back From a Business Conference Without Chlamydia, Getting Ice Dick, Don't Wait Up, Metamorphosis, The Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise of All Time, Il Buffone, Potato Based Cloning Incident, and Killer's Block
Appearances (Specials): A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love, Journey To Love Part 2, Journey To Love Part 4, Journey To Love Part 5 (Memory), The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham (Tawny Tawks!, Double Date, Identity Crisis, Wild Ride, and Two Jokers), Challenge Your Fighters, Knocked The Fuck Out, Boss Bitches, Stakeout, Batharl, and Where Do We Go From Here?
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Gotham City is a major metropolitan city infamous for its crime, corruption, supervillains, and Batman. It came to a point where the Legion of Doom openly operated its headquarters, the Hall of Doom, in the city. The Joker tired of the Legion and what it became. He launched his Joker Face Tower from beneath the Hall, destroying it, and took over the city. His rule was further solidified after Batman captured during a botched temporary alliance with Harley and her crew.

The Joker triggered one last surprise with his Joker Face Tower and the city was rocked by an earthquake of 8.6 on the Richter scale. Gotham was left in ruins. With the Justice League trapped in the Queen of Fable's book and the Legion of Doom absent, anarchy reigned supreme. Two-Face, the Penguin, the Riddler, Bane, and Mr. Freeze formed an alliance and spilt up the city into territories they would each control. They renamed it New Gotham. The President of the United States declared it was no longer part of the United States of America.

The Parademons ravaged the already hurting city. After Harley disassociated herself with Darkseid, the Parademon probably persisted. Batman had Commissioner Gordon sit in the Batplane in his place while he remotely operated and together they slowly recaptured Parademons. However, Doctor Psycho used his augmented mental power to take over the Parademon army. The President told Commisioner Gordon if he apprehended Harley, he would allow Gotham to rejoin the United States.

(Comic Canon only) After ditching Commissioner Gordon at the Harley Quinn Highway, Harley and Ivy took in the scenic view of Gotham, still in ruins. Ivy became abnormally quiet but insisted there was nothing wrong. Harley's inner Dr. Quinzel appeared in her rear view mirror and warned her against forcing Ivy to open up, reminding her she had a traumatic day and just needed support. Ivy asked her if her brain was going to freeze again. They stated both their brains were fine and headed back to Gotham Mall. Gordon mobilized some officers and camped out in a surveillance van then told officers disguised as road workers to clear civilians out the area outside Gotham Mall. Harley planned to drop Bud and Lou off with Catwoman while they went on their road trip. She fed them some "boob jerky" she kept in her top. Ivy became suspicious of the empty neighborhood and suspected the road workers were police. Harley didn't see it but readied her bat anyway. Ivy took her eyes off the road and nearly ran over two cantankerous elderly women. Ivy apologized and took full responsibility. Harley thought they were cute and imagined that's what they were going to look like.

Over comms, Gordon belittled the officers for failing to move out two elderly women. The officer insisted they yelled at them and one ran over his foot with her walker. Gordon went on a rant comparing them to festering ass boils that can't even follow explicit directions. The two officers with him were confused and suggested he consult a doctor instead of telling them. Gordon told them to mind their own business and help him get Gotham reunited with the United States of America. He suddenly went off about Barbara openly cheating on him but still giving him pity sex and despite the boils, polyps, and herpes, he was content with attention from his wife and just wanted her to be happy. The officers turned towards the monitors. Harley was not digging the lack of enthusiasm. Ivy contended she already had a lot to process and couldn't think about the future. She told Harley she loved her but they had to take it one day at a time. Harley was annoyed but reminded her to turn down Williams Street. Harley turned to Bud and Lou and mused she would have them forever. Ivy turned on the radio. They both immediately turned the station at the same time and laughed.

Ivy asked if Catwoman knew they were coming. Harley quickly shot her a text. Ivy was not keen on it and admonished Harley about boundaries. The police, and later Batman, stormed the building, leading to many bystanders to be injured. In the chaos, Harley and Ivy exited the building and drove off in their car, leaving Bud and Lou with Catwoman. She saw them eating an officer and realized Harley lied to her. Gordon returned to the van and pursued them. Batman dropped down onto his windshield and ordered him to stop because he was destroying and terrorizing Gotham, acting like what he was chasing. Gordon declared he wasn't a damn good cop anymore and braked, sending Batman flying. Harley and Ivy drove a few blocks past the city exit. Some time later, Mari McCabe booked a fashion show in Gotham for the same weekend she planned to visit Batman and debrief him about a reconnaissance operation in Detroit. It was also decided she and her girlfriend Elle would go on a double date with Harley and Ivy at the Ocelot.

The double date was interrupted by the arrival of White Rabbit who planned to rob the wealthy patrons but Vixen, Harley, and Ivy prevented her. They headed to Goodielicious for ice cream where Harley took out a mugger and suggested getting lap dances next. Herman Psycho was dropped off at Doctor Psycho's new house for a weekend visit. He refused to go to his school's prom and isolated himself in his bedroom to post movie reviews to his blog. Psycho went to Noonan's but he, Joker, and King Shark fell victim to Herman Psycho's newly manifested superpowers and were trapped in nightmares based on horror movies. After Psycho saved his son from a humiliating prom prank, they ended up back in their house. Herman Psycho apologized but Doctor Psycho promised to help teach him how to control his powers. They hugged. Psycho realized Joker and King Shark were still trapped.

Mayor Joker awarded himself with the key to the city and announced the first annual Joker-bration, a night of laughter and polite mayhem in honor of the Clown Prince of crime control. He got an unexpected from an old college friend, a comedian who also went by "Joker." The next day, the first episode of Tawny Talks was taped live. Frank the Planet served as her co-host for a few episodes. Vixen, Elle, Harley and Ivy were brought out to the stage first. Vixen and Elle's history was discussed first then their history with Harley and Ivy. Tawny Young then addressed Harley and Ivy's heroics at the Ocelot but Harley stipulated they were not heroes but got excited about the prospect of an antihero-for-hire business. Frank yelled at her to sit down or he was going to be fired by association. Batgirl was called up next but Frank was unimpressed by her entrance by grapnel. Young inquired where she and the Macaroni came from but they were interrupted by the Calculator. Frank was equally unimpressed with him and asked if he was going to throw equations at them.

Calculator claimed to know the secret identity of Batgirl but King Shark got the audience more excited about Macaroni. Calculator told them to shut up and sent texts to everyone's phones claiming Batgirl was Barbara Gordon. King Shark found the segment boring but liked Clayface's idea to turn into whoever Calculator named. Jim Gordon happened to be in the audience and questioned Calculator's credibility. Batgirl pointed out Barbara Gordon was in the audience. Calculator vowed he would be back and would spill all of Gotham's secrets. Young stated that was her job. Clayface and his teenage daughter Annie were next. Young went over how Clayface forgot about his daughter for a year and she survive on her own thanks to his so-called Vegas benders. Young brought up it wasn't the first time he neglected a child and brought out a special surprise guest, the Arm. Annie was about to storm off. Clayface pointed out he did not leave Arm on purpose. King Shark tried to explain they were on the run from the police after a failed heist but Tabitha told him to sit back down.

Arm took offense to King calling them accidents. Annie launched Arm and he punched King then she turned into a monstrous clay form, angry over not being cared about. She threw Clayface into the set background while Arm yanked on King's tongue. Young called for security and told the crew to cut the cameras. Young warned the audience and viewers the next segment would be triggering to those who went through sexual assault and posted the National Sexual Assault Hotline. Doctor Psycho, Herman, and Giganta were brought out. She chided Frank for being ableist over Psycho's name and then reminded the audience about the family's previous visit on her previous show. Psycho tried to apologize about not being the best husband or father but Giganta added "human being" which set him off and he called her a miserable bitch. Herman Psycho stood up for her and told him to respect the woman who gave life to him under false pretenses then asked him what his clients would think if they knew then he hypnotized women to love him, called other women disgusting words, and broadcasted revenge porn for all to see. Psycho took offense to being made out as the bad guy and just wanted respect.

Psycho ordered Herman to come back and stated he could erase the damage so they could be a happy family again. Herman declared he could never manipulate his mother again and hung him back up on a ceiling light. Young ordered her crew to bring him down. Frank noted she had that messy Jessie Jonesman spirit. At the end of the episode, Young brought all the guests out and thanked them for spilling their tea then suggested therapy. Psycho did not believe any of them were on his level and declared he was no sidekick unlike Clayface, whom he described with profanity. Annie took offense. Another fight broke out. Young believed Tawny Talks was going to be a hit and she would get five seasons at least. Before Bane was transferred to the Legion of Doom's Tempe office, he attempted to kill Todd over the "Bang" prank. Todd ran through the streets and insisted it was just a harmless joke. Harley Quinn happened to run into them after exiting the Gotham City Police Department headquarters and stood in Bane's way. Robin and Batgirl swooped down and joined her in the fight.

Robin and Harley traded barbs amid Batgirl asking him to give her a chance. Nightwing finally arrived, drop kicked Bane, and took a punch himself. Harley severed one of his Venom tubes but took a punch, then hit in in the crotch with her bat. He wondered what Ivy would think of her being a hero. She stated she was not a hero and slugged him. Robin stated he would never trust her as long as she slept with the enemy. Nightwing agreed with his point. Harley pointed out Gotham was back to normal. Batgirl attempted to livestream and introduce the newest member of the Bat-Family but Harley was already gone. Police arrived and took Bane away in restraints. Harley tried to clean some of Bane's Venom off her and questioned what she was doing then headed back to Selina Kyle's penthouse to take a shower, eat, and bang. Some days later, Ivy and Bella Garten crossed paths in downtown Gotham and hugged. Garten suggested Thai dinner. Before Ivy could apologize, Garten told her there was no need to apologize. Garten thought they were young and could have handled it better but she believed it worked out for the best. Ivy admitted to being so ignorant and gullible. Garten then told her she was the reason she was in Gotham.

Clayface and King Shark followed Harley Quinn on foot. Clayface admitted he was still upset he did not get the spotlight at the premiere of A Hard Wayne's Gonna Fall and wanted a legion of fans. A woman got into it with Clayface over his drama and attacked him with one of her crutches. He took offense at being called "Mudboy" and wondered why nobody knew who he was. King tried to comfort him and also suggest a therapist in vain. Harley went to Goodielicious to meet with Batgirl about a mission. They were about to leave to pick up "the package" from Vixen but Lady Marabunta attacked a young girl named Tiffany Fox in a mech suit. She blamed Fox for Black Mask's mission failing and wondered what her father would pay for her safety. Batgirl wondered if Harley was a chaos magnet. She declared it was a job for the Batgirls. Harley wasn't feeling it and suggested taking a Quips 101 class. While Batgirl distracted Marabunta, Harley extracted Fox and took her to safety. Harley recognized her from City Hall. Fox wondered who the hell kidnapped her.

Batgirl was thrown at a car but Harley tackled her off to the side. Meanwhile, Clayface admitted King Shark was right about the stakeout being terrible. Marabunta rushed past them. King yelled in anger at her. They were surprised to run into Harley. She lied she was just working on some cardio like Riddler once suggested. Clayface decided he would impersonate Lady Marabunta to get Harley to chase him. King thought it would easier if they just asked her to tell them the truth but Clayface proceeded with his plan. King opted to support him from home. Nightwing and Robin stalked Porcelain and watched as they robbed a bank. Batgirl hailed Nightwing on comms and asked him to meet Vixen at the Bat-Warehouse but he refused. Nightwing declared he wouldn't stop with apprehending a criminal to pick up a package. In the confusion, Marabunta sneaked into Black Mask's car and they drove off while Harley and Batgirl fought a doppelganger they thought was the real deal. Black Mask told Marabunta he was impressed with the cloaking and shrinking upgrades to her mech suit and mused they could do a lot of damage with an army of them. She liked the way his brains worked.

Robin became annoyed with Nightwing's monologuing and suggested he actually go save someone. He couldn't believe Nightwing said "Freeze, evildoer" out loud and realized that was partly of why he came crawling back to Gotham City. Robin told him to pull himself together then leaped and threw Birdarangs. Nightwing threw his escrima sticks. Robin tried his own quip and declared they were making another unauthorized withdrawal. Porcelain easily smashed Nightwing and Robin's projectiles then threatened to crumble the bank on top of them. Nightwing was aghast at losing another pair of sticks and held her accountable. Robin told Nightwing he would never know why Batman chose him in the first place and Bludhaven was likely thriving without him. Porcelain got into a getaway car but Robin managed to throw a tracer on it. Nightwing and Robin followed by rooftop but Queen Bee intervened and sent a swarm of bees after them. The driver asked Porcelain if anything interesting was happening back there. They only replied just some birds and bees fighting.

Harley Quinn lied to Ivy she was going to a therapy session for Bruce Wayne and went to Vixen's condo instead. On the elevator up, Harley's guilt got the better of her and the manifestation of Harleen Quinzel appeared on the reflective surface. Harley remarked the condo was more than big enough for Giganta to fit inside. Mari McCabe quipped one villain in her house was enough. Elle scolded her. McCabe thought it was fascinating she went from a licensed psychologist to a chaotic murderer and no an antihero. Harley was touched she cared. McCabe pointed out the love of her life always talked about Harlivy so she had no choice but to care. They listened to Harley vent her issues with continuing to lie to Ivy about her heroic exploits and being concerned Ivy was mixing up with dangerous villains. McCabe thought she just came to ask for help with a rescue mission. Elle thought that was a lot.

While he drove to a meeting, Nightwing told himself he had to prove to himself and Batman he was the hero Bludhaven needs and would reclaim the title as its protector. Jinx and Shimmer hung out. Shimmer wondered if Ivy would add her to the roster. She heard the Legion had great dental insurance. Jinx suggested she just take care of her toothache by threatening a dentist then remembered Shimmer "swore off" killing people. Nightwing found Shimmer and reminded her he told her to stay out of Bludhaven and reckoned she was heading back to Blackgate Penitentiary. Jinx wanted nothing of it, bailed, and flew away. Shimmer pointed out they were in Gotham and flipped her off. Shimmer was annoyed he came looking for her rather than wait at their arranged meeting place. She was concerned about her cover being blown and found out she was a snitch. Nightwing wanted to know about Marabunta or her "friends" would find out.

Shimmer wished she threatened to kill a dentist to take care of her tooth problem instead of snitching to a "hero" who sanctioned the death of Blockbuster. Nightwing stated Vigilante killed him. Shimmer implored to believe whatever helped him sleep but countered Bludhaven knew the truth. She advised him to check what was below the Boomboom Room. Nightwing threw out some money and left. Under her breath, she called him a murderer. Nightwing perched on the roof of a building across from the Boomboom Room and saw two masked police officers escorting a beaten and bruised Lady Firefly into a police van. He ignored the impulse to handle it himself and informed Batgirl.

Before parting ways, Elle advised Harley to tell Ivy the truth before she finds out on her own. She thanked Vixen for taking Harley. Vixen recalled she could never say no to her. She took on the power of a bird and flew then caught Harley, now in her Batsuit. Vixen thought she was a ten across the boards. Harley complimented her eyes. Vixen thought she had a woman already. Harley teased she would always appreciate an alluring queen. Vixen told her to hush. A battle broke out between the Bat-Family and Vixen and the False Face Society. Suspecting police officers present were on Mask's payroll, Nightwing decided the Bat-Family would escort the captured villains to Blackgate Penitentiary.