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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love Part 4, Journey To Love Part 5, Journey To Love Part 6, and The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham (Double Date)
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

During a protest at a toxic waste site in Detroit, a new villan named Mephitic showed up and used the power of suggestion from his fumes to make the protesters scream, fight, and leave. He briefly battled Cyborg, Vixen, and Zatanna but claimed it was a little trial run with his power so that he could reach his true potential. Cyborg was repulsed and demanded to know who he was, what he wanted, and what he did to Zatanna. Zatanna had fainted from the fumes. Cyborg suddenly lost control of his body and started shooting at Vixen. Mephitic took out a pen and notepad and wrote down notes about how each of them reacted to his power of suggestion. He speculated Vixen was invulnerable to it. Mephitic rose up into air and declared this was just the beginning for Detroit. He implored the people to thank the politicians and CEOs of Michigan for poisoning the Flint water supply. Mephitic even ragged on the Injustice League for thinking small and revealed his plan was to create and control a new state called New Michigan then the citizens of Michigan would come begging to him. He signed off mockingly and threw it back to the reporter on scene, Janice.

That night, Batman hailed Vixen on comms while she was on the runway during a fashion show. Batman warned her intel led him to believe Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy were heading to Detroit. He speculated they could be partnering with Mephitic in Flint and warned her to be careful. After the show, Elle walked out with Vixen and told her she was amazing as always. After they got in their car, Vixen asked the driver to roll up the partition then she activated the power of the giraffe. Later that evening, Harley and Ivy broke into Nightfall's house. Ivy found it tacky since she got arrested at their wedding. Harley suggested it technically wasn't breaking in because Nightfall told her she could come over at anytime. Ivy couldn't believe she just did a "well actually" with her. They immediately noticed the unusually high amount of light bulb cartons around the living room. Ivy speculated for someone who can manipulate darkness, she must want to be surrounded by light. It still felt wrong to Ivy and she didn't think they should intrude.

Harley pleaded with Ivy with her cute eyes and told her two days tops. Ivy caved but stated if Nightfall came back and decided to kill them she was nominating her first. The next day, Harley was in good spirits but Ivy sent vines to close the curtains. Harley interpreted that as ten minutes more and went to make breakfast. There wasn't much in the refrigerator so she decided on toast. Livewire appeared out of the toaster. Livewire ate Harley's toast and demanded to know what she was doing in her girlfriend's house. Harley was intrigued and asked her how long they were going out. Livewire told her it was none of her business and told her to answer the question. Harley realized they weren't sitting together in the chapel at Kite Man and Poison Ivy's wedding and asked if she was sure they were an item. Livewire became agitated and gave her two seconds or she would fry her like a piece of bacon. Harley was no longer listening and wondered if it was possible to deep fry waffles. Ivy came into the kitchen and was surprised to see her.

Livewire was elated and hugged Ivy. Livewire exclaimed it was a "Girl's Nite Out" all over again. She admitted to Ivy she was happy to see her after that disaster of a wedding but still wanted to know why they were squatting in the house. Ivy started by apologizing for getting her arrested and sent to Arkham and explained they were in the house in part to get away from everything but they should have stayed at a hotel. Livewire admitted Harley was right and revealed she and Nightfall broke up right before the wedding then explained she came to house to hide out from the police after she escaped. She stated he would always have love for Ivy but wasn't ready yet to forgive her for breaking Kite Man's heart and getting a lot of them unnecessarily locked up or committed. She revealed she knew of a place were villains were welcomed and texted it to Ivy but told them she didn't want to see them still present after she came back from the bathroom. Ivy questioned what she was doing not thinking things through and gave Harley the silent treatment.

Harley and Ivy drove to the Cedar Evergreen Hotel. Ivy elected to take her frustrations out on some evil CEOs dining at the inn. They exited out of the kitchen and ran into an nearby alley. Before they could start to plan on targeting the next CEO flying in, Vixen arrived. She admitted Cyborg was right about where they would be. Harley jumped into Ivy's arms. Ivy claimed they were nobody. Vixen complimented Harley's wig and pulled it off. She refused to let them go even though she thought the CEOs deserved it. Vixen switched to kangaroo and kicked Harley. Ivy summoned vines to catch her then blew hypnotic dust on Vixen and commanded her to go home and forget she saw them. To their surprise, Vixen was immune. She thought it was rude and asked Ivy if she brushed her teeth. Ivy made a bat out of vines and gave it to Harley. She charged Vixen again but got grabbed by the throat. Vixen switched to snake and constricted her. Harley joked no one but Ivy choked her the way she liked it.

Ivy attacked but Vixen switched to frog and dodged her strikes. Posed against a wall, Vixen asked what their plans with Mephitic were. Ivy was confused and stated they didn't know the douche and came to beat him up. A stampede of zoo animals approached them. Ivy realized her pheromones mixed with Vixen's animal spirits and attracted all animals. Vixen switched to skunk and sprayed the area to disperse them. Ivy grabbed Harley and rose out of the stink bomb with a vine. Harley was horrified. Vixen retorted it was what they deserved. It made the viral clip of the day on the news. The escaped zoo animals began crowding around Vixen. She hailed Cyborg on comms and requested his and Zatanna's help, along with animal rescue. Cyborg informed her Zatanna was finishing up a show and would meet them at the location. Ivy and Harley perched on a giant vine far above Vixen. Harley swore she would kill Vixen for spraying them. Ivy suggested she be happy with the fact that they got away. Harley took offense the spray was in her hair.

Ivy calmed her down by pointing out they could take a bath and scrub each other with peroxide and baking soda to get the smell off. Vixen held a sheep on her shoulders and chased after a rabbit. Before she could finish her thoughts, Cyborg suddenly boomed in with animal rescue. Zatanna teleported to them and was disgusted by the smell. Cyborg also wanted to know what it was since it was now permanently embedded in his memory banks. Vixen admitted it was her and explained what she did and noted it was a little petty. Zatanna thought it was more than a little. She cast a backwards spell to get the smell away but there was still a funk on Vixen. Vixen awkwardly thanked her. Zatanna suggested a bubble bath and a bottle of Merlot. Cyborg shifted the focus to getting the animals back into their cages. Vixen realized she was not going to live this down. Zatanna asked about Harley and Ivy but Cyborg believed it was only a matter of time before they ran into the duo again. Zatanna noted they were still trying to figure out how to deal with Mephitic.

Cyborg joked Vixen was running an adoption agency. She took on the powers of a bird and flew off to go freshen up before returning to headquarters. Harley and Ivy made their way back to the Cedar Evergreen. Harley noticed the Black Cat Lounge, a local strip club, and floated the idea they visit it in the evening. Ivy was more concerned with leaving Detroit. They got into an argument and Harley took off for the Black Cat Lounge alone but got kidnapped by Mephitic. Poison Ivy stood outside Black Cat Lounge and instructed three dandelion weeds to find where Vixen lived then report back to her. Ivy blamed herself for Harley's kidnapping. The Frank manifestation had no sympathy for her and told her to cut it out and find Harley then beat Mephitic's ass. Ivy realized he was right. Peaches walked outside and offered her a ride. Harley advised Mephitic to see a doctor about the smell. He leaned in closer and made her choke.

Harley reckoned she would rather smell Swamp Thing's swampy pits and Mephitic somehow smelt worse than the rotting Parademon corpses back in Gotham City. He noted she had a smart mouth but to his surprise, she enjoyed the pain. He got out his notebook and jotted down notes. He questioned if she was impervious to his power. He ordered the zombified people to unchain her so he could run some experiments. Harley contested he told Ivy she would stay alive if she complied to his ultimatum. Mephitic clarified he meant "alive," not "unharmed." The weeds returned to Ivy in Peach's car and reported they found Vixen. Peaches observed Ivy talking to weeds and mused she wasn't high enough. She asked Peaches to drop her off at Love Street and Laurel Drive. Ivy tried to give her money as thanks but Peaches declined and told her to just come and see her at Black Cat after she rescued Harley. Peaches also mentioned she performed for private parties, too. Ivy rang the doorbell. Vixen came down in a robe annoyed with an unexpected visitor. Her demeanor didn't change once she found out the visitor was Ivy.

Ivy swore she didn't come to fight and only needed her help to rescue Harley from Mephitic. Vixen didn't see how that was her problem. Ivy figured she would want to save someone and bring down Detroit's newest villain all on her own then offered the antidote to her current dilemma. Vixen was impressed with the manipulation and asked what she wanted her help for but warned if at any point she got uncomfortable with Ivy in her home, she would invoke a hippo and tear her apart like a watermelon. As a sign of good faith, Ivy gave her the antidote first. Elle came down the stairs and asked if everything was okay. Ivy apologized for interrupting. Elle told her to wait and emphasized she really wanted Vixen to have the antidote so animals would stop hassling her. Vixen told her not to start or she would make her tap out again then revealed she already took the antidote. Elle realized she missed getting to see them make out. Ivy broke out in tears and explained how she got in an argument with Harley, Harley went to a strip club, and Mephitic kidnapped her.

Vixen wondered why Mephitic was so fascinated with her in the first place. Ivy had no clue and admitted she came to Detroit with something to prove after he called her out on TV. Vixen deduced she decided to stand up for herself instead of ignoring a newbie villain's callout all because she was struggling with her ex-fiance leaving her at the altar and now her girlfriend was kidnapped and she wanted her help. Elle couldn't imagine life without Vixen just like Ivy couldn't imagine a life without Harley and implored Vixen to help Ivy. They took an elevator to Vixen's walk-in closet. Ivy was amazed. Elle noted accessibility mattered. Vixen knew Ivy was damn lucky she would do anything Elle asked her to do. Ivy was floored by Vixen's footwear alone. She thanked Elle for fighting for her. Elle told her queers had to stick together. Vixen didn't think she had anything in Ivy's side but they'd figure it out. Elle joked that was because Vixen's butt was getting bigger.

Ivy was moved by their loving, fun, and non-toxic dynamic and wanted to change her ways and open up more. Vixen couldn't find any of her her super suits. Elle asked her if she dropped them off at the cleaners the week before like she asked. Vixen didn't remember to do that. Elle had a back up but Vixen was horrified. With no other choice, she donned her first super suit and invoked the elephant on her roof. After 10 minutes, Vixen got a fix on Mephitic's location then informed Ivy after Mephitic was defeated and Harley was saved, she was going to be arrested for what she did to the CEOs. Ivy thought that was fair. Using a vine as a swing, Vixen airlifted Ivy to Mephitic's warehouse. JT Young watched from the streets and updated his mother Tawny over the phone. Ivy admired the view of Detroit and remembered the time Kite Man carried her over Gotham and noted she needed to apologize to him at some point as part of holding herself accountable. Mephitic wondered what was so special about Harley that she wouldn't succumb to his control. Harley speculated toxic waste didn't work on her.

Mephitic ordered his subjects to bring the tubes. They connected the tubes to Mephitic. Harley tried to stall and asked why he was so compelled to take her and Ivy down. Mephitic revealed there absolutely no reason. Harley realized he just wanted to be a villain since he was a child. Mephitic revealed he didn't always but knew his destiny was to take over the world but he just wasn't sure how he would so he conducted experiments. He then revealed the next phase of his plan was to become a member of the Cadre. He got out a scalpel and instructed his subjects to insert a tube into wherever he cut. Harley requested he clean the scalpel first for sanitary reasons. She pointed out he should livestream the experiment and use it as an audition tape for the Cadre plus chaining her up again would help his bodily fluids flow better. Mephitic conceded she had a point and went along with her idea. Ivy had about thirty minutes left.

Vixen and Ivy stood outside Mephitic's warehouse. Vixen wanted to come up with a plan but there was less than fifteen minutes left and Ivy just wanted to bust in and fight. Vixen disagreed. Ivy thanked her for the help and decided to go in alone. Vixen asked her to do just one thing. Ivy sent one of the weeds to search for a way in then sent a text asking Livewire for help. Vixen assumed Ivy's plan would go sideways and came up with her own plan. Harley's demeanor started to plummet after the fourth tube was inserted in her. She saw Ivy's Dandy weed and perked up. Giant weeds knocked a hole in the wall nearby and attacked Mephitic's zombies. Ivy went to Harley but Mephitic refused to let her go. He advised her to use the last six minutes to say goodbye to Harley. Ivy put her phone on the floor, hugged Harley, apologized for everything, and kissed her. Harley was confused. Ivy stood in front of Harley and chose to sacrifice her life instead. Harley was shielded with vines. With three minutes left, Livewire emerged from the phone and destroyed Mephitic's needle cannon. Mephitic refused to back down.

Vixen crashed through the skylight and vowed he was heading to A.R.G.U.S. soon enough. Zatanna teleported into the warehouse and advised Livewire to take cover. Vixen invoked snake and constricted Mephitic while Zatanna cast a backwards spell designed to clean and scrub Mephitic clean. Harley, Ivy, and Livewire rose up above the stream of water on a giant vine. Harley read Ivy the riot act about almost dying in front of her again. Harley was amused Mephitic was just some person in an undershirt and underwear who didn't take a bath in a long time. He vowed they didn't see the last of him. Zatanna teleported away with him. Vixen revealed she heard everything Ivy said and she could empathize. Since her girlfriend Elle wouldn't forgive her for arresting them, Vixen let them go but they both owed her for it. Before Ivy and Harley could depart, a car pulled up. Commissioner Gordon popped out of the passenger side and ordered them to stop right there.

Tawny Young came out and asked them how it felt to defeat a villain just before he destroyed a city like they did back in Gotham. Harley noticed JT from Blud Garden with a camera and Ivy recognized Reign. JT apologized and revealed Tawny Young was their mother and boss. Before Gordon could arrest them, Livewire fired an electric bolt at his feet from the roof. She declared they always had the best Girls Night Out and thanked them for showing her that she needed to fight for Nightfall's heart. Young reported Gordon once again blundered. He glared but was speechless. Harley and Ivy departed Detroit for Central City in their car. After Mephitic's defeat, Detroit saw a surge in new villains. One evening, Elle asked Vixen to be careful in light of recent events. She promised and reassured her she was just performing reconnaissance for Batman and would be incognito the entire time. Elle could not understand why Batman, himself, was not looking into the Wu-San Sisters considering both were adept in martial arts. Vixen asked her to take a deep breath and again assured her she would be far away from the sisters and they would be unaware of her presence.

They kissed. She reminded her she chose to date a super-heroine. Vixen surprised her and revealed she had a last-minute show in Gotham City on the weekend and since she had to debrief Batman anyway, she got them tickets to a live taping of Tawny Talks. Elle called up Poison Ivy with the news and they agreed to hang out. Vixen was surprised she was open to hanging around with them. Elle stated Ivy and Harley Quinn were her friends and she was not going to ignore them because she was dating a hero and pointed out she doesn't approve of Batman but doesn't tell her not to hang around him. Vixen contended that was not the same. Elle countered they were anti-heroes, not villains and asked her to give them a chance. After Vixen left she texted Elle she loved her more. Elle remarked she would never get used to her super moth hearing. Vixen took on the power of the cheetah and ran at super speed. Vixen could not get over the fact that Ivy and Harley killed people.

Batman hailed her over comms. A Batdrone was in the air above her. Vixen informed him she decided to do the recon a few warehouses down from where the Wu-San Sisters were. Batman told her she was too far away and they needed a visual. Vixen summoned several rats and asked them to be her eyes and ears but warned them not to go in all at once. She teased Batman about not knowing she could do that but he denied he had a file on her and was updating it. Batman told her to keep him posted and signed off. The rats returned and informed her the sisters were establishing themselves as an underground crime syndicate in Detroit and they were receiving shipments within the next few months. Vixen thanked the rats and left them with cookies as thanks. She returned home and apologized to Elle for putting her in an awkward position of choosing her friends or her and would be there for Elle. Harley informed them they got a reservation at The Ocelot the next night. The call ended and Vixen reckoned it was time for an "evening swimming lesson."