Cedar Evergreen Inn

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love Part 4 and Journey To Love Part 5
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Cedar Evergreen Inn is a rest stop in Detroit known to cater to supervillains. Livewire recommended it to Poison Ivy after she apologized for breaking into Nightfall's house with Harley Quinn. She gave Harley the silent treatment while she contemplated her part in hurting many people at her failed wedding. Ivy wouldn't hold her hand on the way in. Ivy got a room with a single bed instead of a double then locked herself in the bathroom. Ivy realized she may have lost another friend by bringing unnecessary drama into their home. Harley apologized and explained everything to Livewire and got her to help search for some executives involved with the tainted water supply in Michigan. Livewire learned most of them happened to be at the same inn they were at but one was arriving later that night. Harley knocked on the bathroom door and suggested using some of the CEOs to work out her frustrations.

Ivy unlocked the door and stated she would like that. Harley was elated and hugged Ivy. She swore not to be impetuous anymore. Ivy asked where the executives were. Harley revealed they were at the Cedar Evergreen, too. Room service arrived and Harley invited them in. Harley and Ivy took their clothes and disguised themselves as waiters to get close to the CEOs. Ivy stressed it was an "in and out" operation and no impetuous stuff. They presented dessert. One of the executives grabbed Harley's butt. They ate the dessert and soon blood shot out of their orifices. Ivy asked one if she wanted a glass of contaminated water. He begged her not to. They all collapsed onto their plates. Harley guessed this was a serious felony and was impressed. They exited out of the kitchen and ran into an nearby alley.

Harley and Ivy returned and took off their clothes to avoid bringing as much stink into the hotel to avoid giving away their location to Vixen's strong sense of smell. Vines brought them peroxide, baking soda, and soap. As they bathed, Harley suggested they shower together next time. Ivy perked up. Harley added they should as long as there was no picking off random body parts off of her hair. Ivy noted that got creepy then shared her idea of leaving Detroit and laying low in Central City. Harley was surprised she wanted to leave before they found the last CEO. She reminded Ivy of what the Queen of Fables once told her, end the bloodline then noted that wasn't like her to leave a mission incomplete. She asked what was really going on. Ivy still lied there was nothing wrong and asked her to just drop it and let her finish scrubbing her clean. Harley stepped out of the tub and stated she would drop it if Ivy stopped distracting her with sex every time she talked about what was going on with her.

Harley pointed out she was giving her space to figure it out but being rude wasn't what she signed up for and she could have stayed with the Joker if she wanted to keep having a daily put-down. Harley even brought up how Ivy broke her heart after Themyscira and said she couldn't trust her with her heart and chose Kite Man instead. Harley decided to go to the Black Cat Lounge alone and invited Ivy to come when she was ready to talk and fix things. Alone with her thoughts, Ivy admitted the truth was that Harley shouldn't trust her with her heart. She couldn't figure out why she couldn't bare her soul to Harley, no matter how much she wanted. Memories of her recent past started bubbling to the surface as she stated her life was nothing but one traumatic event after another started with the abuse from her father and growing up without her mother, having no friends, and bouncing in and out of Arkham Asylum. She recalled when the gang went into her mind and found her in her childhood home, the wedding disaster, when she first met Harleen Quinzel at Arkham, cheating on Kite Man with Harley on Themyscira, dating Kite Man while incognito, and being killed by the Joker.

Ivy knew she built a wall around herself to keep herself secluded, what she did to Kite Man was inexcusable, and she was afraid to love Harley and lose her best friend. She realized she hadn't processed a lot of things. Ivy concluded she had to fix it and not lose Harley but she wasn't sure how to take that first step. Ivy returned to the bedroom but Harley was already gone. She found a note requesting she open up to someone. Ivy got ready and used a dress Harley stole from Nightfall's house. She couldn't wait for the makeup sex but suddenly a manifestation of Dr. Harleen Quinzel appeared and asked her if she was okay with stolen clothes but not with breaking into someone's house. Naturally, Ivy freaked out and asked what she was doing there. Quinzel had no idea and speculated Ivy was either dealing with PTSD and hallucinating or having a dissociative episode or took mushrooms. She wanted to have a session so she could make a correct diagnosis. Ivy realized she had to address her trauma. Quinzel asked how that made her feel. Ivy bailed. Quinzel warned her she couldn't get rid of PTSD by ignoring it and it would eventually bubble over into everything. She knew Ivy was already starting to see it spilling into her arguments with Harley. She implored Ivy to come back and talk with her. Ivy told her Harley was waiting on her. Quinzel promised she would be there when the dam in her brain eventually broke.