Bludhaven Rest Stop

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love Part 3
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After Harley and Ivy left Gotham City, the former had to use the bathroom so they stopped at the Bludhaven Rest Stop in the afternoon. Ivy was annoyed Harley opted to flip out of the car instead of using the door. Harley apologized but thought Ivy was coming in. Ivy told her to just hurry so they could go to wherever she was planning to go. Harley teased she might rob the place if left alone then pointed out Ivy was hungry. She knew Ivy was turning up the radio volume to drown out her stomach growling. Ivy was amused she called it "tummy music" and couldn't stay mad. Harley opened the door for her. Ivy reiterated they needed to be quick with Commissioner Gordon out to kill them. Harley asked if dining in was out of the question. Ivy told her it wasn't a game and ordered her to use the restroom, don't talk to anyone, and don't do anything impetuous. Harley brainstormed about how to make it up to Ivy and keep her happy. She settled on taking her out on their first official date.

Two women recognized Harley and followed her into the restroom. For some reason, they kept talking and Harley heard everything from inside a stall. One decided on lying about Harley taking hostages and calling the police in hopes of a reward. Harley kicked the door open and was about to punch them out but Ivy followed her in, too, and wrapped up the pair with a vine. One still managed to alert a police dispatcher on her phone. Ivy thought the worse and yelled at Harley. She claimed she was innocent and thought they were past lying to each other. Ivy calmed down and apologized to her for thinking the worst. A worker at the rest stop named Reign approached Harley and Ivy to thank them for being so true to themselves and revealed there were people rooting for them. She also informed them her manager called the police as soon as they walked in and led them out the back. They thanked Reign. Reign told them queer folk had to support one another. She checked around then told them to stay to their right and they would be back in the parking lot. She even gave them her address if they needed a place to hide out or freshen up and told them the spare key was under the flowerpot.

Nightwing landed in front of them. Harley could only quip at him with nicknames centered around his butt. Ivy claimed Harley was thinking for once and was only using the restroom and trying to get something to eat. Nightwing was skeptical. Harley stated she was trying to help Ivy get over her wedding disaster and wanted to leave before Gordon arrived and went all Rambo on everyone at the rest stop. Nightwing gave them a pass but asked why she was fascinated with his butt. Ivy admitted objectification was wrong but also admitted she liked his butt, too. Nightwing thought to himself that it was "glorious." Ivy summoned a vine to pick them up. Mid-swing, Gordon shot them down from atop a moving van. He told Cheryl to keep it steady. She braked hard when Nightwing suddenly landed in front of them. Gordon was launched off the roof into a parked car. Nightwing told Gordon he was a shell of the man he used to be and for whatever reason Batman was worried about him. Gordon was surprised.

Nightwing told him to go home because he wasn't a vigilante and he would do something he couldn't come back from. Gordon told himself the mission was Gotham, not Batman. He pulled his handgun and ordered Nightwing to move. Nightwing retorted not to threaten him with a good time and warned he wouldn't go easy on him like Batman. Batgirl pulled up on her Batcycle. Gordon hesitated but stated he lost everything already and his path to redemption was bringing in Harley. He ordered them to move. Batgirl reminded him he didn't lose his daughter yet and he didn't want to embarrass or disappoint her. He caved.