Blud Garden

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love Part 3
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy put on make up to conceal their skin color, and thus identities, and went out on an official first date at the Blud Garden in Bludhaven. Patrons couldn't take their eyes off them for a different reason. Harley made a toast to Ivy's beauty and Ivy added Harley's booty. Hush butted in and put his arm around Harley, and tried to pick her up like Bruce Wayne. He ignored Ivy and told Harley he wanted her. Ivy ordered him to back off. Hush flipped their table and mused he would make some money from her organs. Harley bashed him in the face with her chair. He decided to sell both of their organs then lifted Harley off the floor by her neck. A waiter interrupted him and asked how the lobster was. Hush bashed the waiter in the head. Ivy demanded he let her go. Harley joked it wasn't the gagging she had in mind. Hush threw Harley onto a full table behind them. The plants Ivy wore in her hair suddenly awakened and chomped at Hush. Harley popped her left shoulder back into place against a column. She helped herself to some patrons' drink and steak. She asked a man if he was going to finish it. He replied he was planning to.

Harley conversed with a patron named JT who thought she and Ivy were pretty badass. Ivy wrapped Hush up in a vine. Harley broke two legs off a chair and jumped Hush. Hush blocked her kick and threw her into JT. Ivy read Hush the riot act but Carmine Falcone intervened. He told them Hush wasn't worth the trouble and offered to pay for everything so they could enjoy their night. Harley kicked Hush off his feet and stomped his crotch then got an idea. Falcone paid for their dinner, bought them the honeymoon suite at a hotel and bought out the Bludhaven Thrill Park for them.