Black Cat Lounge

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love Part 5 and Journey To Love Part 6
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Harley Quinn arrived at the Black Cat Lounge at 917 Pryor Place in a provocative ensemble. However, Cash the bouncer pretended not to know who she was and told her to stand in line. Harley was furious but complied. To add insult to injury, Cash lied he still didn't recognize her after checking her ID. She kept telling herself not to be impetuous. Cash hailed Mephitic on his bluetooth and informed him Harley arrived alone. She demanded a table from a pair of men. One recognized Harley and quickly deferred to her because he wasn't interested in losing an eye of having his bones broken. Harley was miffed she was addressed to as "ma'am" but sat down and was amazing by the skills of the stripper on stage. She crawled over to Harley's table and entertained her. Harley got cash out of her purse and made it rain. She wished Ivy was with her and hated fighting. She looked a photo of them on her phone while hoping Ivy would reciprocate and respect her boundaries, too. She asked the stripper what to call her. She chose "Peaches" and thanked her for asking.

Harley was surprised Peaches knew who she was. Peaches stated everyone knew her and Ivy. She asked if Ivy would be joining them. Harley decided to call it a night and head back home. However, Cash blocked the exit with a crew. Harley was infuriated he made her wait in line even though he knew who she was. He wasn't afraid of her threats at all and advised her to take a seat. Harley vowed to wipe that look off his face and took out vanity brass knuckles that spelled out "Booom." She easily dispatched his crew and took at bat off one of them then attacked Cash with a kick. Cash grabbed her leg and held her upside down but she kicked him hard in the mouth with her other foot. Harley teased he had a little something on his cheek. He punched, she ducked and nailed him in the gut. Mephitic saw the whole thing and found it pathetic. He ordered Cash to stop playing around and bring Harley to him. She couldn't resist making fun of his smell. She leaped at him but she lost consciousness as soon as she smelt his breath. Mephitic ordered Cash to put her in the trunk.

Thirty minutes later, Ivy arrived and wondered what happened. Peaches told Ivy Harley was kidnapped by Mephitic. Ivy went catatonic and realized her worst fear was hurting all the people that mean so much to her and declared she was truly her father. The manifestation of Dr. Harleen Quinzel appeared and told Ivy she was not even remotely similar to that man but she was struggling with unresolved traumatic issues. She promised there was a way out of it if she let her help and let her in. Quinzel stated admitting you need help doesn't mean you're weak and accepting help from others was the strongest thing anyone could do. Peaches gave up and was about to walk away but Ivy came to. She asked Ivy where she disappeared to. Ivy called it a trip down memory lane and asked her where Harley was. Peaches played a video Mephitic posted. It was an ultimatum. He gave Ivy less than two hours to find him and tell the world the was the best poisonous villain there is after he beat her in a fight then he would let Harley go. Ivy asked Peaches where Mephitic's lair was. She had no clue but guessed Ivy just had to follow the smell. Ivy departed but knew she needed Vixen's help.

Poison Ivy stood outside Black Cat Lounge and instructed three dandelion weeds to find where Vixen lived then report back to her. Ivy blamed herself for Harley's kidnapping. The Frank manifestation had no sympathy for her and told her to cut it out and find Harley then beat Mephitic's ass. Ivy realized he was right. Peaches walked outside and offered her a ride. Ivy accepted the offer.