Tommy Tomorrow

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Real Identity: Unrevealed
Affiliations: Planeteers
Appearances: Something Borrowed, Something Green
Powers/Skills: Marksmanship
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Tommmy Tomorrow is 31 year old extremely white superhero armed with a personal ray gun who claims "science is my god" for his religion. He holds the rank of colonel in the team known as the Planeteers. On his Find-a-Nemesis profile, Tomorrow claims he drinks a lot but doesn't smoke and is most passionate about the future. His ideal nemesis is one who mutual respects him and has laser cannon arms. However, he was only looking for a casual nemesis to fight on the weekends. King Shark hacked the Find-a-Nemesis database to get Harley Quinn's crew featured. Doctor Psycho had no clue who he was. Harley was livid and wanted an A-lister instead of Tomorrow. For unspecified reasons, Tommy Tomorrow was one of the heroes honored by the Mayor of Gotham City and given a Key to the City in recognition of the Battle of Gotham. Commissioner Gordon was unrecognized and got further infuriated when Space Cabbie, Vibe, and Tomorrow were incorrectly honored. Tomorrow later attended Kite Man and Poison Ivy's wedding.