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Real Identity: Dick Grayson
Affiliations: Teen Titans and Bat-Family
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love Part 3, Challenge Your Fighters, Knocked The Fuck Out, Boss Bitches, Stakeout, Batharl, and Where Do We Go From Here?
Appearances (Episodes): There's No Ivy in Team, Another Sharkley Adventure, Batman Begins Forever, Climax at Jazzapajizza, The Horse and The Sparrow, Gotham's Hottest Hotties, B.I.T.C.H., The First Person to Come Back From a Business Conference Without Chlamydia, Getting Ice Dick, Don't Wait Up, Metamorphosis, Potato Based Cloning Incident, and Killer's Block
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence, Above Average Agility, Above Average Physical Attributes, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Harvey Guillen

Dick Grayson was part of the Flying Graysons then became a ward of Bruce Wayne and the first Robin. At some point, he became a member of the Teen Titans. After being pushed by Batman, Grayson relocated to Bludhaven and took on a new costumed identity, Nightwing. Eight years after meeting Wayne's son, Damian, he returned to Gotham City by bus. He happened to sit next to Harley Quinn as he self-narrated. She asked if anyone wanted to switch seats.

(Comic Canon only) Dick Grayson tried to enjoy a night off and worked out at the Grayson Cross-Train Gym. However, Batman called him and informed him of a call about a hostage situation at the Bludhaven Rest Stop he intercepted. Grayson teased and replied with a hello. Batman also asked Grayson to stop Commissioner Gordon because he had become so fixated on bringing in Harley Quinn dead or alive, that innocent people were being seriously injured or killed in his wake. He added Batgirl was on her way to assist in talking Gordon down. Grayson suited up. Nightwing landed in front of Harley and Ivy at the back of the rest stop. Harley could only quip at him with nicknames centered around his butt. Ivy claimed Harley was thinking for once and was only using the restroom and trying to get something to eat. Nightwing was skeptical. Harley stated she was trying to help Ivy get over her wedding disaster and wanted to leave before Gordon arrived and went all Rambo on everyone at the rest stop.

Nightwing gave them a pass but asked why she was fascinated with his butt. Ivy admitted objectification was wrong but also admitted she liked his butt, too. Nightwing thought to himself that it was "glorious." Nightwing landed in front of Commissioner Gordon's police van. Cheryl braked hard and Gordon was launched off the roof into a parked car. Nightwing told Gordon he was a shell of the man he used to be and for whatever reason Batman was worried about him. Gordon was surprised. Nightwing told him to go home because he wasn't a vigilante and he would do something he couldn't come back from. Gordon told himself the mission was Gotham, not Batman. He pulled his handgun and ordered Nightwing to move. Nightwing retorted not to threaten him with a good time and warned he wouldn't go easy on him like Batman. Batgirl pulled up on her Batcycle. Gordon hesitated but stated he lost everything already and his path to redemption was bringing in Harley. He ordered them to move. Batgirl reminded him he didn't lose his daughter yet and he didn't want to embarrass or disappoint her. He backed down.

Nightwing finally arrived and drop kicked Bane. Batgirl called him on his tardiness and he joked he would ask the criminals to hurry up next time. He took a punch from Bane. Robin stated he would never trust her as long as she slept with the enemy. Nightwing agreed with his point and brought up Ivy's plan to terraform Gotham with zombies. Harley pointed out they had no evidence to prove that and Gotham was back to normal. Hours later, Harley met the Bat-Family on the roof of the Gotham City Police Department headquarters. On an abs day, Nightwing took a break to listen to what Batgirl found. She showed Nightwing a video of Tawny Young interviewing the only living eyewitness to a serial arsonist, Austin Pike. As Batgirl and Nightwing left the Batcave to search for Lady Firefly, Alfred Pennyworth hailed them on comms and informed them Austin Pike's primary guardian was his sister Bridgit who was the new Firefly. He was sure Lady Firefly would go to the Gotham City Police Department to get her brother.

Batgirl and Nightwing took on Lady Firefly in an immolated interrogation room. Nightwing declared she would pay for the lives she took and the children she left parentless then dodged her flames. Batgirl leaped off the table and slugged Lady Firefly then Nightwing kicked her helmet, exposing her face. Batgirl threw out a canister that put out the fire. Austin convinced his sister to reveal why she was burning down neighborhoods. Batgirl and Nightwing knew little of Black Mask, the mobster who hired Lady Firefly and a former underling of the late Penguin. Batgirl tried to call Harley but got her voicemail and opted to reschedule the meeting for the next day. Nightwing was aghast and didn't think Batman would approve of Harley's involvement or moving a debrief for her. He drove off. Batgirl retorted Batman wouldn't approve of leaving teammates behind. Harley trained with the Bat-Family at an Off-Site Bat-Training Facility. To Nightwing's annoyance, she still managed to avoid his attacks while she talked to Ivy on her phone.

Batgirl was still unsure of what Black Mask had to gain from burning Penguin's territory. Nightwing speculated it was part of his plan to take over the city like Lady Firefly said. Harley got a text from Joker about Black Mask holding him hostage then shared it with the others. They made short work of the False Face Society but Mask got away. Nightwing refused to call it a loss and declared the battle was not over. Harley later shared a tip that the Legion of Doom was restructuring and bringing in more villains. Nightwing was keen on a stakeout and pouncing as soon as they did something dastardly. The next day, Nightwing and Robin stalked Porcelain and watched as they robbed a bank. Batgirl hailed Nightwing on comms and asked him to meet Vixen at the Bat-Warehouse but he refused. Nightwing declared he wouldn't stop with apprehending a criminal to pick up a package. Robin became annoyed with Nightwing's monologuing and suggested he actually go save someone. He couldn't believe Nightwing said "Freeze, evildoer" out loud and realized that was partly of why he came crawling back to Gotham City.

Robin told him to pull himself together then leaped and threw Birdarangs. Nightwing threw his escrima sticks. Robin tried his own quip and declared they were making another unauthorized withdrawal. Porcelain easily smashed Nightwing and Robin's projectiles then threatened to crumble the bank on top of them. Nightwing was aghast at losing another pair of sticks and held her accountable. Robin told Nightwing he would never know why Batman chose him in the first place and Bludhaven was likely thriving without him. Porcelain got into a getaway car but Robin managed to throw a tracer on it. Nightwing and Robin followed by rooftop but Queen Bee intervened and sent a swarm of bees after them. Back at the off-site facility, they bickered about retreating until Vixen showed up to turn over a young girl named Cassandra Cain to the Bat Family. Batgirl was not happy with babysitting but Nightwing simplified it as making she she was fed and entertained. He pointed out Robin had the latter covered.

Nightwing left to meet with a Bludhaven source for a lead on Lady Marabunta. Batgirl realized Robin was right and he was a butthead. On the drive over, Nightwing told himself he had to prove to himself and Batman he was the hero Bludhaven needs and would reclaim the title as its protector. He found Shimmer and reminded her he told her to stay out of Bludhaven and reckoned she was heading back to Blackgate Penitentiary. Jinx bailed on Shimmer who pointed out they were in Gotham. Shimmer was annoyed he came looking for her rather than wait at their arranged meeting place. She was concerned about her cover being blown and found out she was a snitch. Nightwing wanted to know about Marabunta or her "friends" would find out. Shimmer wished she threatened to kill a dentist to take care of her tooth problem instead of snitching to a "hero" who sanctioned the death of Blockbuster. Nightwing stated Vigilante killed him. Shimmer implored to believe whatever helped him sleep but countered Bludhaven knew the truth. She advised him to check what was below the Boomboom Room. Nightwing threw out some money and left. Under her breath, she called him a murderer.

Nightwing perched on the roof of a building across from the Boomboom Room and saw two masked police officers escorting a beaten and bruised Lady Firefly into a police van. He ignored the impulse to handle it himself. Batgirl got a call from Nightwing about a secret lair under the Boomboom Room. The four met up with Nightwing across from the Boomboom Room. Nightwing was livid she brought children to fight crime at a strip club. Batgirl advised him to to underestimate Orphan and Flying Fox. Nightwing couldn't believe they had codenames and asked Robin if he was okay with it. Robin invited him them kick his ass first then decide if they should be there or not. Nightwing found it unbelievable. Vixen and Harley arrived. Vixen noted she heard it was Nightwing's op and wanted to see what he could do. They spotted Black Mask and Lady Marabunta and he declared it was time to Nightwing it. Mask, Marabunta, and his goons were arrested. Nightwing believed the two officers he saw earlier were on Black Mask's payroll.

Vixen asked him what he wanted to do about it. Nightwing suggested a field trip to Blackgate Penitentiary. Nightwing informed an officer the Bat-Family was escorting them to Blackgate. Upon arrival, they were attacked by Poison Ivy and the Ladies and Nonbinaries of Doom. Knockout decked Nightwing into the van and mused he did have wings. Black Mask slipped out and thanked Nightwing for the assist. Nightwing got her back with a kick. She threatened to make him pay for it. He invited her to try. Nightwing clocked Black Mask then teased Harley for flubbing while trying to tell off Bella Garten. Harley told him to shut up and called him a dickhead. Vixen nabbed Black Mask and Nightwing grabbed Lady Marabunta. Nightwing didn't like Vixen calling Harley "Red Bat" and wanted that to stop. Back at the Bat-Warehouse, Nightwing voiced his disdain for Harley. Batgirl pointed out he wasn't complaining when she was complimenting his ass. Vixen stuck up for her and pointed out that considering the circumstances, she did all right.