Bud and Lou

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Real Identity: Bud and Lou
Appearances (Episodes): New Gotham, Trapped, Getting Ice Dick, Don't Wait Up, and Killer's Block
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love and Journey To Love Part 2
Powers/Skills: Above Average Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Some time after the Joker was defeated by Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, Harley took in two laughing hyenas from a zoo and named them Bud n Lou. During a bout of anarchy in Gotham City, Harley used Bud n Lou as sleigh dogs when she went out on a supply run. After they returned to Gotham Mall, she threw them a steak. They fought over it until Harley threw out a second one. Bud n Lou were given dog houses to live in on one of the upper floors. Doctor Psycho even helped out and fed them bone-shaped dog biscuits.

After deciding to go on a roadtrip after giving Commissioner Gordon the slip at the Old Gotham Corn Factory, Harley almost forgot to grab Bud n Lou out of the Gotham Mall. Ivy waited at the car unware of what she went back for. Harley soon yelled to her to start the car. Ivy turned her head and was surprised to see the trio hopping in. Harley planned to drop Bud and Lou off with Catwoman while they went on their road trip. She fed them some "boob jerky" she kept in her top. Catwoman refused to take anyone in and picked up her cats Diamonds and Pearls after Bud and Lou started staring and whooping at them. Harley lied they were vegetarians. Catwoman yelled at Bud and Lou to stay and not move. To Harley's surprise, they complied and stayed at the entrance. Commissioner Gordon and the police demanded their surrender. Bud and Lou growled at them. Gordon was fine with shooting them on the grounds they were criminals conspiring with Harley. Catwoman told Ivy after the babysitting gig, neither of them could ask her for anything. Bud and Lou ran off after Gordon threw a grenade at Catwoman's cathouse. They pounced one of the officers and tore him to shreds. In the chaos, Harley and Ivy gave Gordon the slip and drove off, leaving Bud and Lou with Catwoman.