White Rabbit

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Real Identity: Unrevealed
Appearances (Comics): The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham (Double Date) and Boss Bitches
Powers/Skills: Fission
Voiced By: Not Applicable

White Rabbit split into two beings and targeted the wealthy patrons in Bruce Wayne's The Ocelot for different reasons. Her non-costumed "sister" became irate that patrons in the Ocelot were not donating to her Pakistani charity but were fine with paying for $500 meals. White Rabbit and her twin goons, Deever and Dumphrey, made an explosive entrance. Surveying the mess she made, she joked she swore it was a five-star restaurant. They proceeded to rob all the patrons. Ivy wrapped up Deever in vines. White Rabbit fangirled over getting to meet her and Harley Quinn and told them she was a fan ever since she saw them on Tawny Young's show. Deever demanded to be put down. Ivy obliged and chucked him. Dumphrey threatened to kill her but Harley took offense. Mari McCabe took on the power of the fox and White Rabbit implored her to try and catch her.

Dumphrey grabbed Harley by the neck but she swung a plant-shaped bat and nailed him. Harley elected to grab the woman complaining earlier while Ivy escorted Elle outside. McCabe got bored and switched to a cheetah but White Rabbit remained elusive. Outside, the woman revealed she was the "sister" of White Rabbit, revealed she was doing there and claimed her sister meant no harm. To everyone's surprise, the woman and White Rabbit vanished. Lynx and White Rabbit talked at a table in a bar while Poison Ivy and Bella Garten caught up.