Romano Family

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Real Identity: "God" and Sasha Romano
Appearances (Comics): The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham (Showtime!)
Powers/Skills: Organized Crime
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Romano Family are renowned mobsters in Las Vegas. They hired Clayface for private show at a sweet sixteen birthday party for their daughter Sasha Romano. Clayface had no interest in honoring the deal due to feeling overworked but it was non-negotiable. Clayface was aghast and thought that was the worst of the gigs on his plate. Steve Zynn, his manager, reminded him that was the one rule the mob had, don't say no to them. Clayface noted he was made of clay so a bullet or leg bashing wouldn't do much to him. Two Romano enforcers entered We Break-a-Bread and yo face and immediately agreed they should report it to the Italian American Defamation League. They recognized Clayface at one of the booths then threatened to dissolve him with sodium and water if he refused to come with them. He was thrown in a trunk and taken to a Romano compound in the desert that used to be an escape room business.

Sasha Romano had him man the DJ booth and ordered him to only play the B-sides so no one or nothing steals the spotlight from her. He was surprised B-sides were still being made. She revealed they hired celebrities to do degrading work and make them squirm on purpose as an ultimate power move. He found that bleak. She ordered him to make them laugh or they would take him on their European summer trip. For the grand finale, Sasha Romano's new car was presented but she had a meltdown over it not being gold. While everyone was distracted, Clayface made his escape with his daughter Annie, who he forgot about over a year ago. They stole security jeep and made their way back to civilization. The Jonas Brothers were brought into replace Clayface at the party.