Queen Bee

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Real Identity: Unrevealed
Affiliations: Legion of Doom
Appearances (Comics): Stakeout, Batharl, and Where Do We Go From Here?
Powers/Skills: Bee Manipulation and Flight
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Queen Bee is a metahuman with the power to command bees. Porcelain got into a getaway car but Robin managed to throw a tracer on it and was tailed. Nightwing and Robin followed by rooftop but Queen Bee intervened and sent a swarm of bees after them. They retreated. Queen Bee was late for her interview with Poison Ivy at Selina Kyle's penthouse. Queen Bee participated in the Ladies and Nonbinaries of Doom's raid on Blackgate Penitentiary. Her role was to help keep the Bat-Family distracted. During the battle, Nightfall and Livewire quit. Porcelain brought Queen Bee up to speed on what was going on. Queen Bee was amused and declared that was better than the Tawny Talks special.