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Real Identity: Kani
Affiliations: Legion of Doom
Appearances (Comics): Boss Bitches, Stakeout, Batharl, and Where Do We Go From Here?
Powers/Skills: Unrevealed
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Porcelain was the first villain to be interviewed by Poison Ivy for her new Legion of Doom. They went to Selina Kyle's penthouse for the interview. They exchanged pleasantries then Ivy revealed she was extremely impressed when Swamp Thing told her what they did to Superman to save their friend Black Alice all those years ago and hoped for an opportunity to work with them someday. Porcelain admitted they were a sucker for compliments but asked what they were getting out it, pointing out they were smitten with Ivy after Jazzapajizza but Ivy still was known for hating mankind. Ivy promised not to kill them and highlighted the Legion's amazing dental care and three Kryptonite-powered submarines that turn into cars. She then recalled Harley Quinn's head's up about Porcelain's gender-fluidity and asked if they preferred Kevin or Kani. Porcelain sincerely appreciated it and answered "Porcelain" while in costume and "Kani" when out of costume. They klinked coffee mugs. Ivy asked Frank to give them the Legion of Doom packets but he claimed he was only there to look pretty and collect checks. Ivy told him to give Porcelain the packet if he wanted that check.

Nightwing and Robin stalked Porcelain and watched as they robbed a bank. Robin became annoyed with Nightwing's monologuing and suggested he actually go save someone. He couldn't believe Nightwing said "Freeze, evildoer" out loud and realized that was partly of why he came crawling back to Gotham City. Robin told him to pull himself together then leaped and threw Birdarangs. Nightwing threw his escrima sticks. Robin tried his own quip and declared they were making another unauthorized withdrawal. Porcelain easily smashed Nightwing and Robin's projectiles then threatened to crumble the bank on top of them. Nightwing was aghast at losing another pair of sticks and held her accountable. Porcelain got into a getaway car but Robin managed to throw a tracer on it. Nightwing and Robin followed by rooftop but Queen Bee intervened and sent a swarm of bees after them. The driver asked Porcelain if anything interesting was happening back there. They only replied just some birds and bees fighting.

Porcelain participated in the Ladies and Nonbinaries of Doom's raid on Blackgate Penitentiary. Their role was to help keep the Bat-Family distracted. After Nightfall and Livewire quit and left, Porcelain brought Queen Bee up to speed on what was going on. Queen Bee was amused and declared that was better than the Tawny Talks special.