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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love Part 4, Journey To Love Part 5, and Journey To Love Part 6
Powers/Skills: Toxikinesis and Hypnosis
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Mephitic is a new supervillain in Detroit that resembles a humanoid abomination composed of toxic sludge and multiple eyes. He called out Poison Ivy and declared he was the best poisonous villain out there. During a protest at a toxic waste site, Mephitic showed up and used the power of suggestion from his fumes to make the protesters scream, fight, and leave. He briefly battled Cyborg, Vixen, and Zatanna but claimed it was a little trial run with his power so that he could reach his true potential. Cyborg was repulsed and demanded to know who he was, what he wanted, and what he did to Zatanna. Zatanna had fainted from the fumes. Cyborg suddenly lost control of his body and started shooting at Vixen. Mephitic took out a pen and notepad and wrote down notes about how each of them reacted to his power of suggestion. He speculated Vixen was invulnerable to it.

Mephitic rose up into air and declared this was just the beginning for Detroit. He implored the people to thank the politicians and CEOs of Michigan for poisoning the Flint water supply. Mephitic even ragged on the Injustice League for thinking small and revealed his plan was to create and control a new state called New Michigan then the citizens of Michigan would come begging to him. He signed off mockingly and threw it back to the reporter on scene, Janice. Mephitic was informed by his associate Cash that Harley Quinn was at the Black Cat Lounge alone. Mephitic saw the whole fight between Cash and his crew and Harley and found it pathetic. He ordered Cash to stop playing around and bring Harley to him. She couldn't resist making fun of his smell. She leaped at him but she lost consciousness as soon as she smelt his breath. Mephitic ordered Cash to put her in the trunk.

30 minutes later, Mephitic posted an ultimatum online. He gave Ivy less than two hours to find him and tell the world the was the best poisonous villain there is after he beat her in a fight then he would let Harley go. If not, a cannon would fire many dirty needles at Harley. Harley advised Mephitic to see a doctor about the smell. He leaned in closer and made her choke. Harley reckoned she would rather smell Swamp Thing's swampy pits and Mephitic somehow smelt worse than the rotting Parademon corpses back in Gotham City. He noted she had a smart mouth but to his surprise, she enjoyed the pain. He got out his notebook and jotted down notes. He questioned if she was impervious to his power. He ordered the zombified people to unchain her so he could run some experiments. Harley contested he told Ivy she would stay alive if she complied to his ultimatum. Mephitic clarified he meant "alive," not "unharmed." Mephitic wondered what was so special about Harley that she wouldn't succumb to his control. Harley speculated toxic waste didn't work on her.

Mephitic ordered his subjects to bring the tubes. They connected the tubes to Mephitic. Harley tried to stall and asked why he was so compelled to take her and Ivy down. Mephitic revealed there absolutely no reason. Harley realized he just wanted to be a villain since he was a child. Mephitic revealed he didn't always but knew his destiny was to take over the world but he just wasn't sure how he would so he conducted experiments. He then revealed the next phase of his plan was to become a member of the Cadre. He got out a scalpel and instructed his subjects to insert a tube into wherever he cut. Harley requested he clean the scalpel first for sanitary reasons. She pointed out he should livestream the experiment and use it as an audition tape for the Cadre plus chaining her up again would help his bodily fluids flow better. Mephitic conceded she had a point and went along with her idea. Ivy had about thirty minutes left. Harley's demeanor started to plummet after the fourth tube was inserted in her. She saw Ivy's Dandy weed and perked up.

Giant weeds knocked a hole in the wall nearby and attacked Mephitic's zombies. Ivy went to Harley but Mephitic refused to let her go. He advised her to use the last six minutes to say goodbye to Harley. Ivy put her phone on the floor, hugged Harley, apologized for everything, and kissed her. Harley was confused. Ivy stood in front of Harley and chose to sacrifice her life instead. Harley was shielded with vines. With three minutes left, Livewire emerged from the phone and destroyed Mephitic's needle cannon. Mephitic refused to back down. Vixen crashed through the skylight and vowed he was heading to A.R.G.U.S. soon enough. Zatanna teleported into the warehouse and advised Livewire to take cover. Vixen invoked snake and constricted Mephitic while Zatanna cast a backwards spell designed to wash and scrub Mephitic clean. Harley was amused Mephitic was just some person in an undershirt and underwear who didn't take a bath in a long time. He vowed they didn't see the last of him. Zatanna teleported away with him.