Lady Marabunta

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Real Identity: Unrevealed
Appearances (Comics): Boss Bitches, Stakeout, Batharl, and Where Do We Go From Here?
Powers/Skills: Unrevealed
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Lady Marabunta is an ant-based villain. She was Poison Ivy's third interview for her new Legion of Doom. Poison Ivy noticed Tawny Young reporting live from Gotham City Hall about Mayor Joker being held hostage by the False Face Society. Marabunta was fine with Ivy watching it first. However, when Ivy was ready to interview her, Marabunta was gone. Lady Marabunta and Black Mask later met up and made out. The next day, Lady Marabunta attacked a young girl named Tiffany Fox in a mech suit outside Goodielicious. She blamed Fox for Black Mask's mission failing and wondered what her father would pay for her safety. Batgirl and Harley Quinn happened to be meeting there. While Batgirl distracted Marabunta, Harley extracted Fox and took her to safety. Batgirl was thrown at a car but Harley tackled her off to the side. Meanwhile, Clayface admitted King Shark was right about the stakeout being terrible. Marabunta rushed past them. King yelled in anger at her. They were surprised to run into Harley. She lied she was just working on some cardio like Riddler once suggested.

Clayface decided he would impersonate Lady Marabunta to get Harley to chase him. King thought it would easier if they just asked her to tell them the truth but Clayface proceeded with his plan. King opted to support him from home. In the confusion, Marabunta sneaked into Black Mask's car and they drove off while Harley and Batgirl fought a doppelganger they thought was the real deal. Black Mask told Marabunta he was impressed with the cloaking and shrinking upgrades to her mech suit and mused they could do a lot of damage with an army of them. She liked the way his brains worked. Beneath the Boomboom Room, Black Mask beat Lady Firefly. She begged for another chance. Lady Marabunta warned she was the one she should be afraid of. Mask was unconcerned with the Bat Family and proclaimed he and his False Face Society would take over Gotham City then the world. Harley told Ivy about Marabunta's attempted kidnapping on behalf of Black Mask. Harley speculated Peach's sister Miia might be one of Mask's hostages. Ivy made a note to revoke Marabunta's full dental coverage.

While Lady Firefly was being taken from the Boomboom Room to a police van, the Bat-Family and Vixen attacked. During the fight, Batgirl took out Marabunta with a right punch. The masked police officers present tried to improvise and moved to arrest the villains then take them to Blackgate Penitentiary. A battle broke out between Ivy's Legion of Doom and the Bat-Family. Nightwing grabbed Lady Marabunta. After Ivy successfully interrogated Black Mask, Marabunta admitted she had no excuse for her choices and the heart wants what the heart wants. The Bat-Family escorted Mask and his associates into Blackgate.