Lady Firefly

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Real Identity: Bridget Pike
Appearances (Comics): Knocked The Fuck Out, Stakeout, and Batharl
Powers/Skills: Fire Generation and Jet Propulsion Flight
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Batgirl took notice of a string of arson cases and looked into it. She soon traced them to Lady Firefly. She showed Nightwing a video of Tawny Young interviewing the only living eyewitness, Austin Pike. Austin told Young he was playing with his dog Duke and he witnessed Lady Firefly lighting the neighborhood, including his house, on fire. As Batgirl and Nightwing left the Batcave to search for Lady Firefly, Alfred Pennyworth hailed them on comms and informed them Austin Pike's primary guardian was his sister Bridgit who was the new Firefly. He was sure Lady Firefly would go to the Gotham City Police Department to get her brother. Gordon ordered Cheryl to guard Austin in an interrogation room and tell him if he revealed anything. Lady Firefly burned a hole in the wall behind her. Cheryl drew her gun and Austin became irate and told Lady Firefly to leave.

Batgirl and Nightwing arrived. Nightwing declared she would pay for the lives she took and the children she left parentless then dodged her flames. Batgirl leaped off the table and slugged Lady Firefly then Nightwing kicked her helmet, exposing her face. Austin realized his younger sister was the villain. Batgirl threw out a canister that put out the fire. She claimed she was doing it all to protect him. He claimed he never asked her to do that. She pointed out he could not take care of himself. He admitted he was disabled but he was not an infant that needed taking care of. He wanted her to respect him and ordered her to tell Batgirl and Nightwing why she committed the fires or he would never talk to her again. She couldn't believe him then confessed she was paid by Black Mask to burn down all of the late Penguin's old territory. She apologized to Austin and they hugged. Pennyworth told Batgirl over comms he contacted Amanda Waller and someone would meet her at A.R.G.U.S. while Austin went into protective custody.

Beneath the Boomboom Room, Black Mask beat Lady Firefly. She begged for another chance. Lady Marabunta warned she was the one she should be afraid of. Some time later, two police officers on Black Mask's payroll escorted her to a police van when they were pounced on by the Bat-Family and Vixen. Lady Firefly, Black Mask, Lady Marabunta, and some of the False Face Society were escorted to Blackgate Penitentiary.