Black Mask

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Real Identity: Roman Sionis
Affiliations: Janus Cosmetics and False Face Society
Appearances (Comics): Knocked The Fuck Out, Boss Bitches, Stakeout, Batharl, and Where Do We Go From Here?
Powers/Skills: Master of Disguise, Marksmanship, and Organized Crime
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Roman Sionis is the former president of Janus Cosmetics and as Black Mask was a former underling of the Peguin. He and Batman faced off a few times over the years. At some point, he founded his own gang called the False Face Society. After Penguin was murdered by Harley Quinn and most of the Gotham City Police Department left to chase after Harley and Poison Ivy, Black Mask made his move to try and take power. He hired Lady Firefly to burn down all of Peguin's old territory. He took over several night clubs, even the Black Cat Lounge in Detroit. He told a worker named Peaches to work at The Boomboom Room in Gotham City for the weekend. Lady Firefly was defeated by Batgirl and Nightwing then confessed after her young brother Austin made an ultimatum. Harley and Ivy went to The Boomboom Room to continue their attempt to recruit Knockout. While they waited for her to finish her set, they talked Peaches whom they met while they were in Detroit. She told them about her missing sister Miia.

Ivy offered to contact Vixen for help but Black Mask interrupted and sent Peaches off to make money for him. Black Mask offered Ivy and Harley their own territory in exchange for them helping him take control over Gotham. Mask got angry after they declined and declared they would rue the day. Harley thought he was talking about the show Euphoria. Mask was about to call her a dumb blonde but Ivy threatened to make him vanish from existence. Knockout did not like her new friend Harley being disrespected and came over. One of Mask's men informed him Lady Firefly was arrested. Mask was alarmed and left but vowed they would be meeting again.

Outside Gotham City Hall, Tattoo surmised they were one step closer to taking control of Gotham with Batman not being seen in weeks. Black Mask joked he didn't know Tattoo spoke French then proceeded with plans to put Mayor Joker in his pocket. Ernie Nguyen and Ira Colter were about to be the first couple to be wed by Mayor Joker at but the nuptials were interrupted by Black Mask kicking in the door. Black Mask allowed it to conclude but made Joker wear a vest of dynamite. As they ran out, Nguyen thanked him for letting them get married instead of killing them. Joker advised them to get out before they changed their minds. He then asked Black Mask what he wanted, knowing it wasn't to scuff up his desk with faux Italian oxfords. Mask warned him to be careful or he might accidentally detonate his vest. Joker gave him thirty minutes because he got a parent-teacher conference to attend because Benicio was struggling with math and he had a teacher to bribe. Mask wanted Joker to hold a live mayoral address declaring him as the new crime boss in charge.

Joker asked how he was supposed to do that. He told Joker to text Tawny Young. He complied as long as he could make it to Benicio's school in 45 minutes and managed to send the same text to Harley Quinn without being caught. Young and her crew made it inside just as Joker started his address but the Bat-Family arrived and drove out Black Mask. Mask hit Robin in the back of the head but he got off a Batarang and knocked the detonator out of Mask's hands. Mask escaped and met up with Lady Marabunta then they made out. The next day, during an altercation with Batgirl and Harley Quinn, Lady Marabunta sneaked into Black Mask's car and they drove off while Harley and Batgirl fought a doppelganger they thought was the real deal. Black Mask told Marabunta he was impressed with the cloaking and shrinking upgrades to her mech suit and mused they could do a lot of damage with an army of them. She liked the way his brains worked. Beneath the Boomboom Room, Black Mask beat Lady Firefly. She begged for another chance. Lady Marabunta warned she was the one she should be afraid of. Mask was unconcerned with the Bat Family and proclaimed he and his False Face Society would take over Gotham City then the world.

While two police officers on Mask's payroll moved Lady Firefly to a police van outside the Boomboom Room, the Bat-Family acted on a tip from Nightwing's informant Shimmer and attacked. Harley Quinn, in her batsuit, disarmed Mask of his gun. The police officers improvised and Mask surrendered. Nightwing knew something was fishy and the Bat-Family escorted the captured villains to Blackgate Penitentiary. Peaches saw the whole battle unfold and tipped off Poison Ivy, afraid they would never find Miia if Mask went to jail. Ivy and her Ladies and Nonbinaries of Doom teleported to Blackgate and attacked the escort. After Nightwing got knocked into the van by Knockout, Mask slipped out. Black Mask was clocked by Nightwing. Vixen nabbed Black Mask and Nightwing grabbed Lady Marabunta. Before Harley could get out her escrima sticks, Ivy wrapped her up in a stalk and questioned Mask alone. Mask feigned ignorance about any "Miia." A Venus Fly Trap bit Mask's left hand hard enough for him to scream and threaten Ivy but he persisted.

Ivy choked his neck with a Hyacinthoides wreath. Mask caved and admitted he sold her in Detroit just because he needed the money. Marabunta admitted she had no excuse and the heart wants what the heart wants. Harley suggested they not kill anyone in front of the heroes. Ivy refused to take Harley's hand and left Blackgate with the remains of her Legion, suggesting she tell Peaches since she was the hero. Harley was inconsolable. Robin tried to rally her to help escort Mask and Marabunta into Blackgate and tell her things would work out somehow.