Inner (Para)Demons | Episode 21

Streamed: May 22, 2020
Villains: Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Doctor Psycho, Kite Man, Clayface, King Shark, Darkseid, and Granny Goodness
Heroes: Forager, Batgirl, and Mister Miracle
Supporting: Commissioner Gordon, The President, Darryl and Wendy Brown, and Oberon
Beasts: Parademons
Objects: Batcycle, Utility Belt, Mother Box, and Boom Tube
Places: Gotham City, Gotham City Police Department Headquarters, White House, Gotham Mall, Kite Man's Apartment, Senor Mexico's Authentic Mexican Adobe House, Baneton, Iceberg Lounge, Apokolips, and Gotham City Hall
References: Injustice League, "Joker's Favor", "Over The Edge", "Mad Love", The Joker, "Girls' Nite Out", "The Laughing Fish", "Harley's Holiday", "Lock Up", "Harlenquinade", "Joker's Millions", "Holiday Knights", "Almost Got 'Im", Suicide Squad, Ivy's Parents, Legion of Doom, Two Face, Bane, The Pit, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Flying Monkeys, BAFTA, Falstaff, Henry IV, "L.O.D.R.S.V.P", Aquaman, The Arm, Game of Thrones, Khalessi, and Instagram
Written By: Tom Hyndman
Storyboard: Jeff Allen, Ray Camacho, Jean Kang, Andy Thom, and Adam van Wyk
Storyboard Revisions: Francisco Barrios, Sandra Frame, Miyuki Hoshikawa, Amber Jones, Lauren Knipper, and Johnny Koester
Animation Services: Digital eMation
Directed By: Tom Derosier

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