Thawing Hearts | Episode 17

Streamed: April 24, 2020
Villains: Harley Quinn, King Shark, Doctor Psycho, Clayface, Mr. Freeze, Kite Man, Poison Ivy, and Condiment King
Supporting: Nora Freeze, Becca, and Stew
Beasts: Snow Rats
Objects: Firefly's Plasma Flamethrower and Freeze Gun
Places: Gotham City, Gotham Mall, Old Gotham Corn Factory, Ivy's Apartment, Riddler University, Baneton, Iceberg Lounge & Casino, and Gotham City Hall
References: Georgia O'Keefe, "New Gotham", Yes Norman Woof, "Since You've Been Gone", Tabitha, Hammerhead Clan, The Joker, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Insane Clown Posse, Kelly Clarkson, Melanie & Clint Howard, Billy Hagan, Hidden Valley Ranch, Silence of the Lambs, Meg Ryan, You Got Mail, Meet Cute, Dippin' Dots, and Injustice League
Written By: Tom Hyndman
Storyboard: Jean Kang, Andy Thom, and Adam van Wyk
Storyboard Revisions: Francisco Barrios, Sandra Frame, Sang Ha, Miyuki Hoshikawa, Amber Jones, and Lauren Knipper
Animation Services: Digital eMation
Directed By: Vinton Heuck

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