You're A Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon | Episode 06

Streamed: January 3, 2020
Villains: Poison Ivy, Clayface, Doctor Psycho, King Shark, Harley Quinn, and Giganta
Heroes: Batman
Supporting: Sy Borgman, Frank The Plant, Commissioner Gordon, The Arm, Brad, and Herman Psycho/Cowled Critic
Objects: Invisible Motorcycle, Batsignal, Utility Belt, Batplane, and Teleporter Remote
Places: Gotham Mall, Gotham City, Wayne Tech, Gotham City Police Department, Noonan's, Blackgate Penitentiary, and Batcave
References: King Tut, KGBeast, Legion of Doom, Google, The Joker, Henry Kissinger, The Fast & The Furious 7, Barbara Gordon, 127 Hours, Legionnaires' Disease, Bruce Springsteen, Bludhaven, Alamo, David, and Arkham Asylum
Written By: Tom Hyndman
Storyboard: Timothy Hopkins, Jean Kang, Joonki Park, and Adam van Wyk
Storyboard Revisions: Nate Clesowich, Sandra Frame, and Miyuki Hoshikawa
Animation Services: NE4U, Inc.
Directed By: Cecilia Aranovich-Hamilton

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