Finding Mr. Right | Episode 04

Streamed: December 20, 2019
Villains: Poison Ivy, Doctor Psycho, Clayface, Harley Quinn, King Shark, The Joker, Kite Man, Man Bat, and Killer Croc
Heroes: Batman, Robin, Superman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman
Supporting: Syd Borgman, Tawny Young, Lois Lane, Mrs. Cobblepot, Joshua Cobblepot, and Takashi
Objects: Batmobile and Utility Belt
Places: Ivy's Apartment, Gotham City, Metropolis, Daily Planet, Gotham City Bank, Noonan's, Arkham Asylum, and Batcave
References: Noguchi Coffee Table, Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Green Lantern, Tommy Tomorrow, Planeteers, Snagglepuss, Legion of Doom, Ren Faire, League of Assassins, Catwoman, Google, Instagram, Amity Island, Jaws, MTV Video Music Awards, Shark Repellent, Batman '66, Xena, Teen Titans, Batsignal, and Alfred Pennyworth
Written By: Jess Dweck
Storyboard: Brandon McKinney, Carl Peterson, Liza Singer, Ray Camacho, and Frank Marino
Storyboard Revisions: Francisco Barrios, Nate Clesowich, and Sandra Frame
Animation Services: Maven Image Platform
Directed By: Juan Meza-Leon

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