So You Need A Crew | Episode 03

Streamed: December 13, 2019
Villains: Harley Quinn, KGBeast, Legion of Doom (The Joker, Doctor Psycho, Atomic Skull, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Parasite, Man Bat, Mr. Freeze, Darkseid, Firefly, Bane, Black Manta, Sinestro, Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Gorilla Grodd, Scarecrow, and Cheetah), Poison Ivy, Felix Faust, Kite Man, Maxie Zeus, Giganta, and Queen of Fables
Heroes: Justice League (Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Zatanna)
Supporting: Frank The Plant, Mark the Gingerbread Man, Herman Psycho, and Tawny Young
Objects: Lasso of Truth and Utility Belt
Places: Gotham City, Ivy's Apartment, Underworld Talent Inc., Noonan's, Maxie's Mansion, Taxes 4 Free, and Joker's Funhouse
References: Court of Owls, Microsoft Word, Flash, HTML, Nickelodeon Guts' Aggro Crag, Kryptonese, Kryptonian, Oklahoma, Muskogee, Riddler, Two Face, 1996 Olympic Games, Legion of Doom Europe, Junior Doomers of America, Junior Birdmen of America, The Mayor, The Mourning Bride, Mount Olympus, Medal of Honor, Forrest Gump, Humpty Dumpty, The Three Bears, Goldilocks, Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Pinnochio, Arkham Asylum, and The Penguin
Written By: Jess Dweck
Storyboard: Nate Clesowich, Jean Kang, Joonki Park, and Adam Van Wyk
Storyboard Revisions: Sandra Frame and Jim Shellhorn
Animation Services: Maven Image Platform
Directed By: Cecilia Aranovich-Hamilton

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