Till Death Do Us Part | Episode 01

Streamed: November 29, 2019
Villains: Harley Quinn, The Joker, Calendar Man, The Riddler, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Man Bat, KGBeast, and Livewire
Heroes: Batman
Supporting: Commissioner Gordon, Mrs. & Joey Calendar, and Frank the Plant
Objects: Batplane, Utility Belt, and Batsignal
Places: Gotham City, Wayne Tech, Gotham City Police Department, Arkham Asylum, Ivy's Apartment, Joker's Fun House, Ace Chemical, and Riddler's Sphinx
References: Legion of Doom, La Cucaracha, Barbados, Sarah Lawrence College, Nadia Comeneci, Olympics, Reese Witherspoon, Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, The Mayor, and The Moon
Written By: Dean Lorey and Justin Halpern & Patrick Schumacker
Storyboard: Cecilia Aranovich Hamilton, James King, Brandon McKinney, and Adam Van Wyk
Storyboard Revisions: Nate Clesowich, Sandra Frame, Miyuki Hoshikawa, and Jim Shellhorn
Animation Services: NE4U, Inc.
Directed By: Juan Meza-Leon

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