Episode 4 Review
Harley Quinn

With a crew assembled, Harley tries to take the next logical step and get a nemesis in Episode 4 "Finding Mr. Right". A lot like when she was trying recruit henchmen, she tries the low rent way then comes up with a crazy plan that only leads to mixed results and a really entertaining third act.

Harley and her crew returns from a successful bank heist but discover they're still being ignored by all the major news outlets who instead cover Batman and Joker's latest skirmish. Despite Poison Ivy pointing out how beneficial it is to be ignored since they are racking up numerous felonies, Harley decides what they need is a nemesis to elevate their status. A day later, the posting on FindYourNemesis went unanswered and Ivy is starting get fed up with Clayface and Doctor Psycho messing up her apartment. No sooner does Ivy's landlord Sy arrive and warn her she will be evicted soon over the mess. King Shark arrives and after a brief misunderstanding, Clayface reveals he invited him over to help with her social media presence. After some hacking, King Shark links them to Tommy Tomorrow but Harley wants an A-lister. She wants Batman. Ivy points out she always ends up in Arkham Asylum. No one else thinks she can do it. Harley carjacks the Batmobile and goes on a joyride. After evading police, she meets up with Clayface and Psycho in a meat packing factory. Harley reveals she spliced some audio of Batman to grant her access to the Batmobile. They are come upon but it's not Batman, rather 12 year old Robin. Harley and Psycho are less than enthused. Robin counters they're lucky he even came to fight them. He touts his lineage then calls Harley old. She has enough after he tries to sweep her and hangs him up on a hook then leaves.

Robin lies on Tawny Young's show and makes it look like Harley is his nemesis. Tawny and the audience eats it up. Ivy finds him adorable but Harley is infuriated and destroys the newly replaced table. King Shark finds a clickbait article by Lois Lane but no one wants to get through the paywall. Harley wants to force Lois to retract her article. Ivy, the voice of reason, tries to dissuade her because of Superman. Harley would only love for him to show up. Cut to the crew holding Lois hostage at the Daily Planet. Lois refuses to comply with Harley's demands and like clockwork, Superman shows up. Harley is eager to fight him but to her annoyance Robin arrives, too. Amused with Robin, Superman brushes Harley off and leaves on a terrible pun. Harley and her crew ignore Robin and leave in disgust. Harley's frustration is only magnified by telegram sent by the Joker "congratulating" her about Robin. She even considers killing Robin but everyone advises her not to get herself labeled a child killer.

King Shark is hesitant to help and repeats he's bad around blood. He's reminded he just has to scare Robin. Harley arrives with Robin and hangs him upside down above Shark's tank. She tries to get Robin to tell the truth. Robin boasts about his lies and deception and he's shocked to see they were at Tawny Smith's set the whole time. Robin gets a nosebleed and sets off Shark into frenzy. Clayface and Psycho nonchalantly address how he misled them with his concern about blood. Harley leaps over the tank and grabs Robin but Shark breaks out. Batman arrives just in time and neutralizes him with a can of shark repellent. He realizes he's live on Tawny's show and vows to send Harley to Arkham for good. Tawny's show sounds the new nemesis alert. Meanwhile, Joker and his crew emerge from a Gotham City Bank branch. Joker, expecting Batman anytime, is disappointed no one is outside. A henchman clues him into the Tawny show. Ivy also sees it and heads to the studio to help Harley fight off Batman. All of Gotham watches. Then Joker shows up enraged she's trying to steal Batman away. After a 3 way scuffle, Joker sees a new opportunity and runs away with Robin. Batman tosses Harley and runs after them. Tawny is more than pleased with how the episode turned out. The gang settles back at the apartment and the crew is hard at work cleaning up as an apology. King Shark confirms he's joining the crew. Harley can't pass it up with the notion of having his blood frenzy mode and computer skills at her disposal. Syd arrives and evicts Ivy for breaking the no pets rule and by pets, he means King Shark. Ivy promises to kick them out but Syd refuses to change his mind.

Batman tries to cheer Robin up and learns Robin is livid everyone else in the Teen Titans is getting a nemesis but him. Batman gives him "the talk" about finding the right nemesis. It's a heart felt moment until Robin asks when he can start having sex. Batman makes up an excuse and grapnels away.

And with this episode, the cast is essentially set for the series. I guess they were saving the best of last because Ron Funches as a very different take on King Shark and Jason Alexander as Syd Borgman the cantankerous senior citizen slash landlord were both a hoot in different ways. The episode also delves a little more into Ivy who self-identities as an eco-terrorist rather than a supervillain. And there is that moment in the big fight that prods a little at the chemistry between her and Harley but nothing more really. James Wolk, with what little screentime he has, succeeds in conveying the corny wholesomeness of Superman. Natalie Morales debuts in this episode, as well, as Lois Lane but like Superman, not much screen time and you're left wanting more. Jacob Tremblay does an admirable job as the bratty Damian Wayne Robin switching up between the snot nosed jerk and the facade of the adorable little boy in a costume. While it's reasonable to start wondering if the Joker is gonna be in every damn episode, his appearance here just further cements his man-baby mentality: from mocking his stuttering henchman, to sending a taunt to Harley about robbing the cradle, becoming jealous of Batman paying attention to Harley over him, telling Batman about his "cool crimes," and stealing Robin just to get Batman to chase him.

The humor is vast improvement as the show starts finding its groove. There's some mocking commentary embedded in lines like Doctor Psycho comparing banks and credit unions or everyone's thoughts on newspaper websites and their paywalls. There's even the stuff like Ivy doing a mini-PSA on recycling during Tawny or an appearance by the infamous shark repellent spray. There's even an inside joke catered to the women out there with curly hair when Ivy is disappointed with the shampoo in the Tawny swag bag. The only real surprise for me was the final scene. So early into the series, we're treated to seeing a different side of Batman. I mean so far, we just see those one liners he keeps repeating about sending villains to Arkham. Robin seeing through his peace offering and Batman admitting he made Alfred make the sandwich was a touching moment. More so when Batman does his version of "the talk" but applied to choosing a nemesis then it gets spun on it's head when Robin asks about sex. So much so, Batman makes up a poor excuse about hearing the Bat-signal and splits.

"Finding Mr. Right" is solid mix of humor and action as well as another steady improvement in the overall quality of an episode. With the full cast revealed and put on a sound stage together, it feels like the series has finally found the right dance move and just has to hold onto it for the remainder of the season.

Rating: 8 out of 10