The Mirror Crack'd | Comic 01

Released: July 6, 2021
Heroes: Justice League Unlimited (The Flash, Green Lantern John Stewart, Shayera Hol, Mister Miracle, Elongated Man, Red Tornado, Fire, Ice, Batman, Wonder Woman, Big Barda, Vixen, Superman, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, and The Atom)
Supporting: The Najarrans, A.M.A.Z.O., J'onn J'onzz, Eruch, and Lois Lane
Villains: Granny Goodness, Kalibak, A.M.A.Z.O. II, and Overman
Beasts: Parademons
Objects: Power Ring, Utility Belt, Mega Rod, Boom Tube, Aerodiscs, and Mother Box
Places: The Mirrored Room, New Delhi, Metrotower, and Metropolis
References: "Wake The Dead", J'onn's Family, Chinese Woman, Themyscira, Apokolips, Darkseid, and "Destroyer"
Writers: J.M. DeMatteis and James Tucker
Artist: Ethen Beavers
Colorist: Nick Filardi
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Cover: Francis Manapul and Scott Hepburn and Ian Herring (Variant Cover)
Retailer Exclusive Cover Artists:
Editor: Andrew Marino
Note: Originally mis-titled as The Crack'd Mirror