To Another Shore | Episode 30 (82)

Aired: September 24, 2005
Heroes: Wildcat, Dr. Fate, Black Canary, Green Arrow, J'onn Jonzz, Red Tornado, Wonder Woman, Mr. Terrific, Superman, Shining Knight, Vigilante, Green Lantern, Steel, Stargirl, Flash, Shayera Hol, Atom and Viking Prince
Villains: Volcana, Star Sapphire, Bizarro, Key, Heatwave, Killer Frost, Giganta, Lex Luthor, Atomic Skull (projection image), Grodd and Devil Ray
Supporting: Sroya Bashir, Agent Faraday and Odin
Objects: Helmet of Fate, Sapphire Gem, Hologram, Trick Arrows, Devil Ray Ship, Javelin, Power Ring, and the Mariner's Tale
Places: Justice League Unlimited Watchtower and Citadel of Doom
Beasts: Robots
Written By: Dwayne McDuffie
Directed By: Dan Riba