Shadow of the Hawk | Episode 28 (80)

Aired: September 17, 2005
Heroes: Batman, Vixen, Shayera Hol, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Superman and Elongated Man
Villains: Tracer, Dreamslayer, Lord Havok, Gorgon, the Adversary, Giganta, Khunds and Shadow Thief
Supporting: Katar and Chay-Ara Hol
Objects: Power Ring, Nth Metal, Utility Belt (Batarang, Exploding Batarang, Tracer Console, Grappling Gun, Flash Grenade, Flare, and Tracking Device), Vixen's Totem, Javelin, and Absorbacron
Places: Gotham City, Justice League Metrotower, and Egypt
Beasts: Robot Mummies
Story By: Dwayne McDuffie
Teleplay By:J M DeMatteis
Directed By: Dan Riba