Divided We Fall | Episode 25 (77)

Aired: July 16, 2005
Heroes: J'onn Jonzz, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash, Shayera Hol, Green Lantern, Dr. Light, Commander Steel, Creeper, Fire, Ice, Steel, Booster Gold, Vixen, Green Arrow, Atom Smasher, Vigilante, Metamorpho, Supergirl, Huntress, Question, Vibe, Waverider, Red Tornado, Dr. Midnite, Nemesis, Star, Stripe, Aztek, Hourman, Captain Atom, Gypsy, Crimson Avenger, Atom, Ray, B'Wana Beast, Star Man, Shining Knight, Dr. Fate, Sand, Elongated Man, Mr. Terrific, Rocket Red, Wildcat, Black Canary, Zatanna and Crimson Fox
Supporting: Amanda Waller, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Summer Gleeson and Snapper Carr
Villains: Brainiac, Lex Luthor, and the Justice Lords
Objects: Nth Metal, Lasso of Truth, Power Ring, Utility Belt (Grappling Gun and Exploding Batarang), Javelin, Justice League Communication Link, Speed Force, Trick Arrows, and Black Canary's Motorcycle
Places: LexCorp, Metropolis, Justice League Unlimited Watchtower, Covenant, Washington D.C., and Daily Planet
Beasts: Brainiac Skull and Dark Heart Drones Written By: Dwayne McDuffie
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos