Panic in the Sky | Episode 24 (76)

Aired: July 9, 2005
Heroes: J'onn Jonzz, Steel, Stripe, Stargirl, Flash, Green Arrow, Superman, Shayera Hol, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Ice, Supergirl, Batman, Fire, Metamorpho, Black Canary, Huntress, Question, Red Tornado, Ray, Shining Knight, Atom Smasher, Vigilante, Aztek, Hourman, Crimson Fox, Blue Devil, B'Wana Beast, Star Man, Dr. Light, Wildcat, Hawk, Commander Steel, Sand, Obsidian, Creeper, Captain Atom, Atom, Booster Gold and Dr. Midnite
Supporting: Professor Hamilton, Amanda Waller,
Villains: Galatea, the Ultimen, General Eiling, Lex Luthor and Brainiac
Objects: Justice League Communication Link, Trick Arrows, Power Ring, Lasso of Truth, Batmobile, Javelin, Damocles-Class Missiles, Star Rod, Utility Belt (Batarang, Exploding Batarang, Mace, and Grappling Gun), Trident of Lucifer, and Nano Disassembler Gun
Places: Justice League Unlimited Watchtower, Covenant, Belle Reeve Correctional Facility, LexCorp, and Metropolis
Beasts: Winged Victory
Written By: Dwayne McDuffie
Directed By: Dan Riba