A Knight of Shadows | Episode 20

Aired: September 20, 2002
Heroes: Wonder Woman, Flash, Batman, J'onn Jonzz and Jason Blood (Etrigan)
Supporting: Merlin, Harv Hickman, Henry Moss and My'ria'h
Villains: Morgaine Le Fey and Mordrid
Objects: Utility Belt (Flashlight, Batarang with Rope, Binocular, Rope, and Batarang), Javelin, Big Ben, and Lasso of Truth
Places: Camelot, Castle Branek, Gotham City, London, and Mars
Beasts: Demon Army
Written By: Keith Damron
Directed By: Butch Lukic

A Knight of Shadows | Episode 21

Aired: September 27, 2002
Heroes: Wonder Woman, Flash, Batman, J'onn Jonzz and Jason Blood (Etrigan)
Supporting: Harv Hickman and My'ria'h
Villains: Morgaine Le Fey and Mordrid
Objects: Lasso of Truth, Philosopher's Stone, Utility Belt (Bola, Batarang, and Electric Batarang), and Javelin
Places: Justice League Watchtower, Mars, London, and Camelot
Beasts: Harv, Demon Army, and Killer Throne
Written By: Keith Damron
Directed By: Butch Lukic


Summary written by VortexInfinite

Centuries ago, during the reign of King Arthur, a man named Jason Blood betrayed Camelot and let the sorceress Morgaine le Fey enter Arthur's castle. He was deeply in love with the witch, but the feeling was not mutual and he himself was double-crossed when Morgaine gave him her kiss of death. As he lay, dying, the wizard Merlin suddenly appeared to him, furious at his actions. Rather than letting Blood die in peace, he cursed him to a double life. Today he is bound to the demon Etrigan, a being whose sole purpose is to hunt down le Fey and destroy her.

Morgaine returns near Halloween with her young and ambitious son, Mordrid. They search for the legendary Sorcerer's Stone which can grant unlimited power and immortality. Soon, Etrigan and the Justice League get on her trail. Martian Manhunter uses his psychic powers to track her down, but is met with a powerful retaliation. He finds himself back on his home planet of Mars with the family he had lost so long ago. He enjoys the illusion for a brief period of time until the Demon brings him back to reality.

Etrigan doubts J'onn's effectiveness now that he has been "tainted" by le Fey. Batman expresses his trust for the Martian, but is proved wrong when visions of J'onn's lost wife cause the Manhunter to let Morgaine escape from the League's trap. Fortunately, Wonder Woman and Flash manage to obtain the stone from one of the archeologists who discovered it, Harvey Hickman, but not without a fight.

At the Watchtower, the stone is placed in a supposedly safe place, but the heroes are distracted by an army of Morgaine's undead minions. While Etrigan and the rest defend the base, J'onn is enticed once more by promises of being reunited with his family. He takes the stone from its hiding place and heads to le Fey's open arms.

The Leaguers arrive in time, via Etrigan's magic and attempt to stop J'onn from handing over the Stone. But even the Demon can't stop the Manhunter's will. He is knocked out by one of J'onn's mind probes. Morgaine thinks she has won until J'onnz smashes the stone to bits. Through the mind probe, he learned what Jason Blood had gone through so many years ago and didn't want to fall in the same trap. Le Fey and her son disappear in a rage.

J'onn attempts to resign from the Justice League, ashamed of his actions, but is comforted by the words of Jason Blood who is quick to make up for his other side's harsh words. He then leaves in search of le Fey, alone. J'onn J'onnz has found a new family, but Jason Blood will forever be alone, it seems.


Review written by VortexInfinite

This is another example of how bigger is better. The more epic an episode is, the higher the quality seems to be. It's good to see different cultures and mythologies influencing Justice League. After several episodes acknowledging the existence of Amazons and Greek Gods, the series still manages to bring in Arthurian legend complete with its comic representative, Etrigan the Demon.

The beginning of this episode is pure Batman goodness. The combination of Batman and Etrigan against a decaying army is extremely fun to watch. The League's inclusion enhances the experience, especially when it comes to J'onn's subplot. This is the episode that made me love his character as it really makes him seem more human than martian. The loss of a family he had invested so much time into also separates him from his fellow orphans on the League. Superman never knew his parents and Batman lost them at an early age. Neither have had children or spouses.

The scenes at Harv Hickman's party are hilarious. From the costumed superhero wannabes to Hickman's aged playboy disposition, the whole thing manages to lighten up the arc as well as bring it down to Earth somewhat. Overall, the characters were used well as we got to see an aspect of each one. Batman's detective skills toward the beginning, Diana's intelligent use of seduction, and Flash's reaction toward jaded demons from the middle ages. But, of course, the Martian Manhunter's tragic story really makes this episode a classic.