The Brave and the Bold | Episode 14

Aired: March 10, 2002
Heroes: Flash and Green Lantern
Supporting: Solovar
Villains: Gorilla Grodd and Dr. Sarah Corwin
Objects: Hover Vehicle, Mind Control Module, and Power Ring
Places: Gorilla City and Central City
Story By: Rich Fogel and Paul Dini
Teleplay By: Dwayne McDuffie
Directed By: Dan Riba

The Brave and the Bold | Episode 15

Aired: March 17, 2002
Heroes: Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, Flash, Batman, Green Lantern and J'onn Jonzz
Supporting: Solovar
Villains: Gorilla Grodd and Dr. Sarah Corwin
Objects: Lasso of Truth, Justice League Communication Link, Power Ring, Javelin, Nth Metal, Mind Control Module, Batwing, Utility Belt (Radiation Sensor, Lockpick, Bola, Grappling Gun, and Batarang), and Hover Vehicle
Places: Justice League Watchtower, Gorilla City, Central City, and Batcave
Story By: Rich Fogel and Paul Dini
Teleplay By: Dwayne McDuffie
Directed By: Dan Riba


Summary written by VortexInfinite

It is a normal day for the Flash, Wally West, picking up girls while scarfing down four burgers, until a large truck starts terrorizing the streets of Central City. Doing his duty as a superhero, he chases it to a bridge where he is aided by Green Lantern. The truck is full of dangerous and valuable radioactive isotopes, but the truck drivers show no knowledge of this fact. They don't show much knowledge about anything, not even their whereabouts.

While investigating the case, GL and Flash encounter a rampaging gorilla knocking people over and stealing vehicles. Once again Flash chases the vehicle down only to be shocked by the fact that the gorilla can talk. He is then literally shocked by a device fired by the young Dr. Sara Corwin. After a strange dream sequence, Flash finds himself in a jail cell.

Detectives question him and show him a tape where Wally is clearly using his super-speed to steal the same isotopes recovered by himself and the Green Lantern. The latter posts bail to set Flash free, but has a hard time believing his story. That is, until they run into the same talking gorilla who reveals himself to be Solovar, the head law-ape of Gorilla City. He explains that he has been on the trail of an evil gorilla scientist, Grodd, who plans to take revenge on Gorilla City and take over the entire world.

The three go to Dr. Corwin's office, aware that she has been communicating with Grodd. There, the evil ape himself makes an appearance and sets a trap before escaping. Flash, GL, Solovar and all of Central City become isolated from the rest of the world. Grodd uses his mind control powers to force the citizens of Central City to do his bidding. Unfortunately for the heroes, his bidding is to destroy them while he travels to a military facility and fires nuclear missiles at Gorilla City.

Green Lantern manages to escape Grodd's barrier and destroy a couple of the missiles, but he's knocked out by the debris. Fortunately, other members of the Justice League have become aware of the problem and are standing by in Gorilla City. Working together, they stop the projectiles and keep Gorilla City safe. Batman also gets a kiss from Diana. Aw, how sweet.

Meanwhile, Flash and Solovar have caught up to Grodd who is very angered by the failure. He attempts to take it out on Flash, but the fastest man alive manages to cross the wires in his mind control helmet. When Grodd tries to hypnotize the Flash, he gets a nasty shock and becomes no smarter than the average zoo primate. What does Flash get after all this? A verbal burn from GL.


Review written by VortexInfinite

This is a very well-done episode. It's action-packed, funny, and well-animated. But the one thing this episode lacks is actual characterization. Particularly on the Flash's part. For a spotlight on the Fastest Man Alive we didn't learn anything that we didn't already know. Wally West is a loudmouth, smart aleck with super-speed. Oh, and he has red hair under the mask. Big surprise.

Once again, the story seems a little too Superfriends. Talking apes in cahoots with mad scientists to take over the world. However, the series does a good job of adding some seriousness to the tone. It's almost easy to forget the ridiculous predicaments. The voice work also makes it easier to relate these apes to humans. David Ogden Stiers (Solovar), Powers Booth (Grodd), and Phil Morris (gorilla guard and Vandal Savage in the Savage Time) all have good performances.

The best part of this episode is the Justice League in Gorilla City. Watching them work together as a team against a threat in a strange surrounding perfectly suits the series. I can't even remember the last time I saw Batman in broad daylight on his own series. It suits him, actually. Not to mention we get a glimpse of his feelings toward Wonder Woman and vice versa.

But, again, this is a Flash episode and in terms of a spotlight, it's a waste. And it's not that Wally is devoid of any real character, it's just that fighting a talking ape isn't going to bring out the complexity of a person. A different villain could have really made the man behind the mask, Wally West, shine.