The Enemy Below | Episode 6

Aired: December 3, 2001
Heroes: Aquaman, Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman, J'onn Jonzz and Batman
Supporting: Mera, Arthur Jr., Snapper Carr, Sroya Bashir, and Summer Gleeson
Villains: General Brak, Orm and Deadshot
Objects: Javelin, Power Ring, Trident of Poseidon, Lasso of Truth, Utility Belt (Binocular, Batarang, Grappling Gun, and Spiked Balls), and Justice League Communication Link
Places: Atlantis, Justice League Watchtower, Metropolis, and World Assembly
Written By: Kevin Hopps
Directed By: Dan Riba

The Enemy Below | Episode 7

Aired: December 10, 2001
Heroes: Aquaman, Superman, J'onn Jonzz, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Batman
Supporting: Mera and Arthur Jr.
Villains: Orm and General Brak
Objects: Trident of Poseidon, Javelin, Power Ring, Lasso of Truth, Justice League Communication Link, Aquaman's Harpoon, Doomsday Thermal Reactor, Batwing, and Utility Belt
Places: Atlantis and Batcave
Written By: Kevin Hopps
Directed By: Dan Riba


Summary written by VortexInfinite

The USS Defiant, a nuclear submarine, is struck down by Atlantean vessels, led by Arthur, king of Atlantis. He is known on the surface as Aquaman and does not have a reputation for being a human lover. The Justice League intervenes and saves the crewmembers of the Defiant but they are forced to leave the sub - and its plutonium - behind. Green Lantern suspects an Atlantean plot to wipe out surface life, but Superman urges Aquaman to find a solution democratically and stand before representatives of the world's nations.

But we all know how politicians work. All they manage to do is piss Aquaman off and he leaves in a tizzy. But before he can huff another puff, a grenade explodes at his feet, knocking him out. At the hospital, the League works out a plot to catch the sniper. Using Martian Manhunter as a decoy, they lure the assassin out of hiding and capture him. His name is Deadshot and he's fond of being a jerk. With the aid of Batman, they find that he is being paid in valuable Spanish dubloons - a currency only accessible by Atlanteans.

But before the JL can warn Aquaman, he returns to Atlantis, only to find that his brother Orm has taken the throne during his absence and he isn't about to give it up. Orm takes Arthur prisoner and chains him to a rock along with his newborn son, convinced he has tied up all loose ends. What he doesn't count on is Aquaman's devotion to his child. The true king cuts off his own hand to save himself and his baby.

Meanwhile, the Justice League is being held prisoner in an Atlantean cell. Before they can drown, Arthur's wife, Mera, saves them, expressing her concern for Aquaman's safety. Her suspicions are confirmed when Aquaman returns sans left hand. While a deadly hook is fitted onto his arm, the League learns that Orm plans to use the plutonium from the sub to launch a deadly device that would melt the polar ice caps and drown surface dwellers globally.

With Aquaman, the JL heads toward the north pole to stop the ticking time...melter. While Batman and GL diffuse the device, Aquaman confronts his brother with vengeance on his mind. Orm falls and disappears, leaving Arthur to reclaim his rightful title as king of Atlantis. Using the lessons he's learned from this experience, he vows to work toward peace with surface dwellers and create a better world for his posterity.


Review written by VortexInfinite

This has got to be one of the best-written episodes of an animated series....ever. Hats off to Kevin Hopps, I hope we see more of him in future credits. The dialogue alternates from powerful to witty to moving and it all complements some pretty awesome action. Obviously the story borrowed heavily from Hamlet, but using Aquaman as the centerpiece actually improves on Shakespeare. Not that I ever really understood Shakespeare...

Though the heroes took a backseat to Aquaman, they were excellently used. More GL exposition as we see just how stubborn and suspicious he can be. Batman shows off his brilliant mind and Superman...Wow, we need more episodes like this for Superman. Although he still got smacked around in this episode, his voice work was top-notch. Forceful, commanding, and decisive. It's some of George Newbern's best work.

I saw no problems with animation and I loved hearing the music. This is definitely one of the top episodes, if not the best after Savage Time. I am so glad Aquaman is coming back for season two.